Thursday, April 26, 2012

Labor Day!

It's time! Time for what, you may ask?

It's time for Buttercup to become a mommy. She is the first daughter of the first daughter of the first daughter and about to deliver her first daughter. Buttercup is also my niece and goddaughter and   going to burst after 9 months of pregnancy.  Impending delivery signs include: contractions, sleeplessness, inability to find a comfortable position, and nesting. Oh yeah....some dilation and effacing per her obstetrician. And so, she is ready to go.

Am I ready to become a great aunt? Hmmmm....this does mean that the next generation of the BP is beginning to procreate. This is pretty natural, eh?

I look at myself in the mirror (only for a split second) and wonder when the lines came. Could it be from sitting in the sun watching too many baseball games without sunscreen and a hat? Or could it be that I have passed the midlife number and am on the slide toward the ultimate home plate?

It's probably a combination of both. Warning to Buttercup's baby: Always use sunscreen and moisturizer....some other tips that I would like to share with this child are:

1. Mom is mom...she'll be your mother forever. When she becomes too much to take (as all mothers do), you can call or text Bullpen Auntie....She will be your confidant, mentor, and pal. She'll take you out for an ice cream, to the mall, long walk, or a movie. She loves babies especially someone as special as you....don't hesitate to call, cry, or whine.

2. Your granny (my Big Sis) is really an OK person. She might seem a bit overwhelmed at times, but she has things all under control. Granny is one of the best multitaskers around and will teach you a number of things, like keeping life long friends, making an Easter lamb cake, and hanging in there repeatedly when times are rough. She is the most loyal person you will ever find. Just don't take her for granted.

3. Your poppy has been battling and winning the fight against cancer. This requires guts and determination. Observe how he never gives up. If you absorb this lesson, you will be a winner at life.

4. There will times when you want to run from your problems, but don't. You have a loving family who will support you and walk you through the happy and tough times.

5. Your family loves celebrations and getting together for no reason at all. We will be a constant presence in your life and watch as you grow your first tooth. We have a family tradition, that the person who finds the baby's first tooth has to buy the first pair of shoes. It's a tradition, so smile when I see you. I'll pick up a pair of cleats or tennis sneakers for you.

6. Your uncles and dad are already watching the neighborhood boys. No dating until you are finished with medical school or score your first gold medal in track and field.

7. Your Aunt Scooby will help you to find the best deals on the east coast. She has a knack of locating items for a fraction of their cost. This is a talent that takes time and effort to learn. Observe her in action, you will be impressed.

8. Fruits and vegetables are important nutrients to staying healthy. Don't become 'carb-hounds' like the rest of our family. A bagel or piece of cake for breakfast is not the best choice unless the bagel is multigrain and the cake is carrot :-D.

9. Never go to bed unless you have said your prayers and thank God for your family, friends, health, toys, bed, house, and blessings. BP Grandpop and Grandmom will teach you the prayers that they taught their children who taught their children. Tag! You're it! Great Grandmom and Grandpop have been praying for years and we feel it. So will you....

10. Believe it or not, you have been loved before you were even born. We'll be watching and there in a flash when you need someone. Don't worry, we've done this we know the drill. You are new at this life, so enjoy the ride. 

There are so many other tips to give this child, but it is time for me to head to physical therapy and see Tank. I need to keep up with this kid, so off I go.

Have a great day and happy labor day to our Buttercup!

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