Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter bliss

Whew! It's the day after Easter...what a beautiful day and wonderful time with family. The last thing that I wanted to do after Buttercup's shower was to have family over (no offense). I was tired, sore from surgery, running around the country with Buddy, his surgery, work, and so on....I was tired and burned out. But it took 24 hours after the shower to generate the energy to host the party. Then it happened....

Everyone came together to help with the event. This is what family is all about...not leaving one tired person to do the work, but coming together to decorate, cook, prepare the food, and contribute to the success of the day. Buttercup, BP Grandmom and Grandpop came to the house on Saturday to help to create the fruit and pasta salads, potato au gratin, and pineapple stuffing. Big Sis, Dr G, Uncle C, the Saints, and Scooby, brought dishes too that added to the day. Without their help, I would be still cutting up a cantaloupe as hungry family members stared at me looking for something edible while watching the Phils lose and Bubba win the Masters. All in all, it was a perfect weekend.

OK, on to one of my favorite subjects...the big kid. Remember yesterday when I went on a BP mom rant about Angel falling into a depression rather than "sucking it up" and being a man among boys? Well, the angelic one was the hero yesterday. It was the bottom of the 9th (the guys were playing at home) with two outs and the game was tied. There was a man on second base and Angel was batting. With all his might, he slammed a walk-off double to win the game for the team. Yeah Angel! Now, this is what 'I'mtawkinabout!' The kid was fearless and did not need a magic cupcake. Pretty soon, I am going to be out of the cupcake business since the guys do not need them anymore.

By the way, the big kid is taking the bus home today for his post surgical appointment and first physical therapy session. Dad is peeved with the bus line. It seems that since he made the reservation with his credit card, he was charged an extra $18.00. When Buddy shows up today without the credit card in his hands, he will be charged another $15.00 on top of the fare and additional fee. Dad is exhausted and now he is peeved with the bus company. Oy...look out! It seems that the bus lines that advertise $1.00 fares sell only one seat at that price. So, when you call for that dollar fare, you land up with a seat on the roof with a harness at a rate that is comparable to taking US Air home.

OK, time for me to work. Enjoy the beauty of the season. I have a few deadlines that I have avoided this weekend. Peace-out!

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