Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dealing with dad

Hi! It's another beautiful say in the northeast....I can't wrap my head around why I am wearing shorts today. Perhaps it is global warming....or maybe some other natural phenomenon that scientists cannot explain yet. Nevertheless, I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Not much going on in the baseball world. The team has a home stand and lost last night to a division rival. They have two more games this weekend. The game was broadcasted on television as I sat in the bar with the coworkers celebrating our program's re-accreditation, I could not get the waitress to turn on the game or let me order a fish taco. Once I left the celebration, I watched the game at home and caught multiple 3 second glimpses of Buddy spitting sunflower seeds out of his mouth. Grandmom called and asked if the player spitting leaning against the rail was her grandson. Yep, that was him. He has quite a talent as he can spit seeds from the dugout and hit the first base man in the ear. Perhaps, one day, he can earn money displaying this talent all over the world. He could be billed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The guy who can catapult sunflower seeds so accurately that they can land on a dime." I don't know about you, but I would pay to see such a feat.

This morning we had a nice chat as he waited for the bus to take him to the field to work out. He is ready to come home in three weeks and will leave the team to continue rehab. The team plays until mid May, but he is anxious to get back to business. So he will leave the sunflower seeds, seed spitting contests, leaning against the fence, wearing his Oakley sunglasses looking like a cool dude, and using salty dugout language to return home to his messy room and unmade bed. When he left on Wednesday, he did not tidy the room, so I sealed it off with duct tape. Perhaps he can access it through the window when he returns for the summer...or not. The point not leave your room messier than it was when you returned home. I do not work for him, and have yet to receive a paycheck for cleaning up after him. I have a new philosophy. Your room, your mess, your can deal with your dad.

And so, it is time for me to jump into the car and watch Little A's softball game. She's the shortstop and apparently the fastest 9 year old on the team. Was there a doubt? Not in my mind.

Enjoy the day!

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