Friday, April 6, 2012

Macaroon Princess

Good morning. Did you know that if you spill a liquid like coffee onto your key board, it will short out? I just learned the hard way....oy! Now I need a new key board for my computer. I had to borrow one to finish my work.

What is going on this Good Friday? Well, I survived my shift in the bakery and have a renewed respect for anyone in this type of business. Let me tell you, this group moved like the wind, make hundreds of baked items, ordered a refrigerated truck to store additional ingredients and orders, and never stopped....I left after 6 hours and they worked late into the night. I believe that I had frosting on my bottom and chocolate on my shoulder (late night snack for BP mom).

So, BPM, what did you do at the bakery? Well, I did whatever would not destroy the quality and quantity of what was being mass produced. In other words, I helped with the macaroons. Sparky had cornered the market as the macaroon queen and I believe I earned the title of macaroon princess as I dipped hundreds of tasty perfectly made macaroons in melted chocolate and drizzled chocolate designs on top. I created several macaroon drizzled prototypes with the chocolate. For example, there was the butterfly design not to be confused with the honey bee or puppy dog. I had a few stars and moons as well as abstract art in which the buyer will have to determine what he or she sees in the design. Once again, I have great respect for all business owners and will keep my job....but help out whenever the call is made. By the way, happy Passover and Easter to all!

Dang! I just spilled the coffee again! Rats, what is my problem today? Glad I did not spill anything at the bakery, although my clothes were like food magnets as they picked up flour, frosting, chocolate, and coconut.

What's up with the big kid? Well, he is one happy guy. Over 400 hundred students took the math test this week with a class average of 60. My son scored a 100% along with two other students. Hmmmm....I say to him, did you look at the right place? Was your name spelled right? Really, you did not get anything wrong? Really, you got everything right? Really? Mama is proud of her boy! He wants to frame the grade. I am right there with him as I have already picked out a frame.

Why are we so excited about a 100% in a math grade? Well, it brings his average that was sitting in the basement up to the second level of the high rise and his self esteem has exploded. You see, BPM and her BP son are not math scholars and need calculators to make change. So, when one of us has earned a quantitative achievement, we celebrate with a special dinner and cake!

And so, I have a big project to finish before I leave the house today. Have a wonderful day....

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