Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Passover

Happy Easter! It's a beautiful day and the BP family is coming over for brunch. Naturally there are lots of preparations. Yesterday, I was joined by BP grandparents and Buttercup as they dove into the cutting and chopping of fruits and vegetables for the party. We have food....lots of overabundance of food....I hope that people come with their appetites...they usually do, especially Big G, my 16 year old nephew who can eat his entire family's weight in food. A growing boy, football and rugby player..the kid is always hungry! His mama's food bill must be huge!

Anyway, another shout out to Sparky and the Baker. I never saw two people work so hard creating pastries in my life. Sparky made over 1000 macaroons and I think that I ate 999 of them...kidding...half of one is enough to feed Big G for a couple of days. Lines were out the door at the bakery and they had a refrigerated truck in the front with all of the orders. Celebration of Easter and Passover created quite a number of orders as the employees never stopped moving in a week's time. The Baker and Sparky worked all night and 18 hour shifts. I would have fallen asleep in my matzo crunch batter. Now they are off to a well earned and deserved vacation....dreaming of chocolate bunnies and lamb cakes.

How is the big kid? Well, this is the first Easter that we are not together. And I am surprisingly OK with it. I still filled his basket knowing that he is coming home tomorrow after class for a follow up surgical appointment and the start of physical therapy.

The team is on a four game winning streak but still very far from .500 with such a bad start. He is feeling a bit better about sitting on the bench. Last night, he stayed in and ate ice cream and watched a movie. After the coach's meltdown, he was not going to chance being seen at a party the night before a game. Wise decision, my son....wise decision.

Apparently, Angel has lost his starting job in the outfield and is in a funk. Also, his girl friend is headed to Europe for the summer, so it has added to his misery. Shall I give him the BP mom diatribe? Huh? OK, here is goes.....

Dude! You lost the job because you were outperformed. Are you going to sit on the bench and be miserable or work your butt off to regain your rightful status in the outfield...a freshman? Come on kid! Do I have to make you some cupcakes or are you going to pull yourself up by your cleats, put your head down, and work out the kinks in your game? You have what it takes to get your job back, so stop whining and get moving! As far as your girl friend is concerned, she has earned her trip to Europe. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself that she is leaving, give her props for going. That's right! This is a once in the lifetime not give her a guilt trip when she should be happy making preparations to leave...oy! MEN!

Wow, that made me feel about you?

Enjoy your day....Happy Easter and Passover!

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