Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moving on

Good morning! What a beautiful day! Wow....

I would like to send a shout out to my invisible friend,T. Connected through e-mail by a mutual friend two years ago, I have been editing her papers and dissertation on Black female CEOs in corporate America. She has worked unbelievably hard. Last week the dissertation was due and she and I were typing, editing, typing, and editing until the last second. Then she hit click to send the 300+ page document to her committee. She defended last Thursday and bingo! She is now Dr. T. I send her my heartfelt congratulations and thank her for the opportunity to learn more about being a black female in the corporate world. It is not easy and they often hit the glass ceiling. With advocates like Dr. T, things will turn around for this population of women very soon. I feel like I am an honorary black woman in corporate America. Many thanks to Dr. T for giving me the opportunity to learn and figuratively live the quests of the women that she chronicled in her research. Look for the movie soon, 'cause the information that she detailed is compelling and sometimes unbelievable (yet real).

OK, on to the big kid.....I don't know anything. Honestly, my three-four a day telephone calls have disappeared. According to dad, he has found the library and is working diligently to catch up post surgery. At least he is communicating with his father. I think that there is a big math test coming up, so he is crunching the numbers.

I must say that I am really proud of him for finding out that the big building in the center of campus is the library and open all hours of the day and night. I spent many hours on the third floor of my library in college. I am not a naturally intelligent nor gifted student, so I had my own table. I sat there so many hours that I felt like I had splinters in my bottom. Actually, I did get a splinter from the table when my thigh brushed against the bottom of the table. I could not remove it for years. When it finally came out, it was over an inch in length. Ouch!

And so, Buddy is going to catch up because he is dedicated and wants to demonstrate that he can and will earn honors! Kudos to my son.

This is a short installment since I have to run (yeah...sure) to physical therapy. My first appointment is today and I am hoping to return to 100% in a few weeks.
Gotta run...way to go, Kentucky....lost that pool in the office....oh well...I also lost the $650 million....

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