Thursday, April 12, 2012


Wow! Forgive me for not posting but this week went by like the wind. I think that today is Thursday. At work, we have an accrediting team in the office and I have had to put on my "game face" and act smart. This is a chore since I generally like to be clueless and not pay attention. Yet, I have had to dig out of my level of comfort and make intelligent small and large talk. My brain is sore and the visitors do not leave until tomorrow....then....happy hour!

On Monday, the big kid took the bus home for his appointments and removal of his sling. I got a few texts about "sketchy" people on the bus and how he was the only one who graduated kindergarten among the group. Not funny....something he has to learn to deal with....he also joked about feeling threatened. I texted back to him that he has a weapon in his backpack...his pen. Yes, the pen can be a tool and a weapon. You can create wonderful letters and notes with a pen....then when threatened, you can use it as a weapon. Hit the carotid artery with it and your predator will be disarmed. I guess he never watched reruns of McGyver.

We had a 1:15 appointment on Tuesday and sat waiting for over an hour. Doctor walks in....takes a look...moves the pleased with himself and walks out. After the 45 second interaction, we will see him again in 4 weeks. Buddy was taught a few exercises by the physical therapist and we were on our way back home. On Wednesday morning, I dropped him off at the bus terminal and hit traffic. I was afraid that he was going to miss the bus when he boldly said: "You should just drive me back to campus." Uh huh...that's right...we have accreditors in the office, Grandmom's birthday, a desk full of work, irate students, my research study on health care of the homeless and impoverished to catch up on, a swollen postoperative knee that I continue to rehab, and this guy wants a free ride back to campus where he can sit back with his iPod in his ears, take a three hour nap, and I can drive round trip for 6 hours then go to work for 10 hours. Dude...bad week to make that suggestion....your timing was not good on this one...Greyhound looks better and better for his trips to and from campus. For safety measures, I will buy him a few extra Bic pens for his journeys.

Yesterday we celebrated BP Grandmom's birthday with the usual family fanfare....with pizza, cake, the Flyers game on in the kitchen and Phillies game on in the family room. Between shouts, screams, and high fives, G-mom's big day was celebrated in style. It was comfortable and the way the family gets together...very informal, yet fun and meaningful with the dog vomiting under the table (ew). Grandmom has created a home that we all return to on a regular basis. One of the 6 of us can be found at the kitchen table at any time eating, chatting, or reading the paper. It is the way that I want my children to view our a haven...a place of safety, conversation, laughs, and joy with lots of good food and memories. This comes from the top as Grandmom and Grandpop have an open door policy and we certainly have no problem walking through it. Each of us does the same thing after we walk into the house....we greet the folks, walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator door. It is automatic as we look for homemade soup and pasta. We are never disappointed (unless Big G gets there first, then the fridge has been cleaned out).

And so, it's time to go to work and act intelligent. Whew, I am going to need a vacation after this week....yep...go to find an inexpensive place to go where I can turn off the brain....stop thinking...look at some nature....and drink a Merlot. Actually, the back yard qualifies as the perfect place.....have a great day and Happy Birthday Grandmom!

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