Monday, April 2, 2012

Go forth....

Once again, I have been absent from writing. And I apologize. I had to work on Saturday. Sunday was a different story as we celebrated my goddaughter's future child at a baby shower. Buttercup is supposed to give birth to a girl. Everything was pink down to the napkins, decorations, cake, and gift wrapping. Hmmm...she received loads of adorable clothes that I wish that I could wear (even the cute little socks and zebra striped sneakers)....but...the questions remain: what if the ultrasound is wrong? What if she is really having a boy? She now has thousands of dollars worth of girl clothes plus an adorable pink convertible that Big M gave her. Stay tuned....estimated date of arrival is early May.

OK, on to the most wonderful yet grouchy kid in the mountains.... I am less miffed with him since I have had time away from his self-indulgent (yet realistically earned) 'woa-is-me-isms'. Granted, he is not playing baseball this year BUT he has three more years of eligibility to grow and hone his game. He can concentrate on his studies and even earn a master's degree while playing baseball. This is the American room for sadness or self-doubt. It's time to mature, focus, and start rehab. He has been blessed with the best of all. He has been given the best chance to return to form. he had the best surgeon in the country. He is in one of the best schools in the country. What's the problem?

Message to the big leftie from BP mom:

Son, you have so many things going for you. You have height, great athleticism, and are pretty darn good looking...hey, your hair is one of the "looks" that you started in your school. There is no room for sadness or worry. You have all the tools to return to the team. Your confidence and work ethic have gotten you this far. Pick yourself up by the cleats, dust yourself off, and start the road back to the pitching mound. Furthermore, you have the support of family, friends, and coaches. If anyone can come back better and's you. No pity more "no one understands..."....none of that. Put your head down and keep going. We will be there to support you. I have a safety net that I have used over the years and will continue to pull out until I draw my last breath.

Hang in there. You can do it...make the person that you are destined to be. Go forth and conquer!!!

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