Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time and parties

It's Holy Week...where has the time gone? Usually, I am making plans to take a trip to a baseball field somewhere in the US. However, things are different this year with Buddy on the bench embracing the red shirt. I have had more time to accomplish goals and tasks, yet I am no where near catching up. I guess that I can do a time analysis of my days but, I don't have the time to analyze my time. Now, I know that that does make sense.

Let's chat about "embracing the red shirt." What does that mean? Well, the red shirt is a NCAA term of not playing a season yet being a member of the team. He cannot travel but he can be in the dugout and bench and participate in workouts, team meetings, and activities. Since he is red shirted, he retains his eligibility for another year meaning he will leave college after five years rather than four. Hopefully, he will leave his 5th year with a graduate degree. This would be an ideal scenario. Is it realistic? Hope makes sense from an academic and financial sense. I am not sending him to college for a 5th year to major in partying....

I have nothing against parties, since I enjoy them myself...going to have the family over for, I like parties...but I don't like the way that they make me feel the day after the party.

Do I mean 'hangover'? Yep, I do. However, I have a theory on hangovers. Over the years, I have had time to ponder the phenomenon and will share my hangover theory today for those of you who need something to consider as the spring party season begins to accelerate.

The following levels of hangovers have been postulated by BPM. An avid researcher, devoted to the scientific process, I have generated a three tiered hangover theory that has been eagerly accepted by my contemporary peers.

Level 1: the mood is giddy. Everyone has a buzz. No one is impaired and partier can safely drive home when their alcohol level is below the legal limit.

Level 2: Dancing and singing off key to old Rolling Stones and Monkees songs set the stage for this level. As the singing continues, the partier realizes that someone should take their car keys. Next day side effects include a mild headache, nausea, and bitchiness.

Level 3: the partier asks “how did I get home? Did I go out last night? Why do I feel like a train hit me?” The following day, the partier is heard to say, “I will never, ever drink again” Side effects include severe grouchiness, stiff joints, puffy eyes, and a headache that could kill a buffalo.

Yes, I have had a multitude of opportunities to observe this phenomenon and after one bout of Level III, a person hangs up their bar stool and finds other activities such as gardening and knitting to occupy their time. Do I advocate drinking? Nope, this can lead to accidents and taking the life of an innocent person. if a person is going to party, please do it safely...have a designated driver, stay overnight, or leave hours after your last drink. I may joke, but drinking and driving is not a laughing matter. Don't do it. Stay safe or stay off the road.

Speaking of which, time to get some real work done. Have a great day!

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