Monday, April 16, 2012


Good morning!

I am taking the next few days off from work to recover from the last 6 months. It has been hectic and somewhat overwhelming, so it is time to catch up on some home projects like cleaning out my office. Not exactly restful, but it needs to be done.

Did you see that there is a movie about to hit the US called Chimpanzee? I am a big fan of Jane Goodall's work. In fact, Ice and I attended a program in which she recalled her years in Africa. I give her lots of 'props' as she and her mother moved into Africa and observed the chimps. Yes, I said her 'mother'.....Jane had her mother living in an African tent with her. I guess in my world she would be called "African mom" or "Chimpanzee mother."

Let's reflect on Mummy Goodall's sacrifice to live in the jungle with her 19 year old daughter. Does this parallel my life? Hardly, however, what some mom's will do for their kids.....I will begin....Janie, a young English girl who did not have a college education and lived at home had a passion for animals. "Mum," Jane began..."It's my life passion to live with animals in Africa. Can I go? Pretty please? I am 19 years old and am firm on my future. I need to do this mum....please oh please."

Mrs. Goodall: "Oh honey, you know that Africa is on the other side of the world and I am sure that your tent will not have running water, a shower, or kitchen. In fact, there will be no WIFI or air conditioning. Perhaps a trip to the zoo or a picture book of A to Z Animals would be more appropriate."

Jane, stamping her foot screams: "No, Mummy, I really really want to go!"

Mrs G. "All right Janie, but I am going with you and that's that. By the way, there are no corner stores to buy your double stuffed Oreos"

Jane: "Oh Mum, I heart you!"

And so, the Goodall girls fly or take a boat to Africa and make history in the jungle. Eventually, Jane was sent home to England by her mentor to attend college and complete her doctorate. I am sure she took remedial and advanced courses like Chimpanzee 101 and 102, Tsetse Flies 310, Avoiding Anacondas Practicum, and Sitting in One Place for Nine Hours and Not Moving Seminar 425. As she completed her studies, she went back to Africa without her mum and changed our view of the chimpanzee forever.

Now, that's a cool story. It seems moms will do anything for their children from living in a tent during monsoon season to moving to Ohio for a few months. They want to make sure that their child achieves their dream, their passion, and goals. Further, their happiness is of the utmost importance, which is why there is a drop in available chicken in our region when my big hero returns home. Gotta make that chicken parm.....

A mother's love is something that cannot be measured but visualized in what they do for their children. Early mornings and late nights, travel to and from games, standing on your head to see them laugh, and sharing private embarrassing stories with them so that they know they are not alone when things go wrong. A mom helps to create and picks up the pieces when things are broken (like a window, vacuum cleaner, vase, frame, or heart). It's part of the job description. Right now, I am pretty happy that we did not have to leave the country to watch the chimps, although I am pretty sure that I would have done it too.

And so, I am off to meet Ice and make plans to see Chimpanzee, the Movie. Maybe we can see it in 3D. That would be cool. And as I watch the movie, I will be thinking about the Chimpanzee mothers, Mrs. Goddall, my mother, sisters, and family members, and friends like Ice, who sacrificed day after day to make sure that their children had safe and loving homes.

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