Thursday, May 17, 2012


Coffee drinkers live longer lives according to the latest research. Who knew? Not only is it a beverage, but it was something discovered at the Fountain of Youth by Ponce de Leon. Mystery solved.

Drinking coffee is all I have right now that will keep me alive as having family under one roof this week may kill me., not really...It is taking more than a week to be accustomed to having both former teenagers home who are acting like adolescents again as they acclimate to a home setting with a parent in charge. Tink and Buddy want to be in charge and make the rules yet not assume responsibility. What does this mean? Well....

It means that BP mom has to be more vigilant and more commando-like as she establishes order in this home. It means that Tink and Buddy must abide by my rules, pick up the slack and do chores, not sleep until noon, walk the dog, clean up their mess, and wash dishes. In the meantime, they will be granted as much food as they please, hot dinners on the table, a car at their disposal, and a fully equipped room to use. Without pitching in, they would be like boarders who do not pay rent and I become the domestic help cleaning up after messy people. Should I wear my old gold waitress outfit as I serve and clean up after them? It was quite fashionable in college with the matching white shoes and multi colored food stains.

Am I complaining? You betcha! This is a family, not a boarding house, therefore, everyone pitches in and has a role. Although, maybe they are not the only family members to figure it out. I think that I have to be more understanding too. After all, the big kid would work out, study, attend class, and go to bed at three in the morning. He has to readjust his schedule and way of thinking too. Tink just has to figure out that she is no longer an only child and has to continue to help her ole mama around the house.
I no longer want to spray End Dust on their heads as they park themselves for hours collecting dust and playing their video games and watching movies.

Ok, enough complaining.

Today is Big Sis's birthday. Happy birthday! She is the oldest of the 6 of us and paved the way for us with the folks. Unfortunately since I was child number 2, I did not have the benefits of the parents being worn out like number 6 did. However, Big Sis gave it her best shot. One of my favorite stories about her came from Big M, her high school sweetheart and hubby. Big M made us laugh as he shared the story of walking her (or actually) dragging her around the block when she was too inebriated to enter the family home when they were in college. he can point out the spots in the neighborhood where she would stop, vomit, move on, zig zag, stop, vomit, collapse and finally sober up before she met her curfew. Fun stuff, eh? Now that she is a young grammy, we can hold this story over her head as baby Cupcake grows and begins to ask stories about growing up together. Oh yeah, it will be fun watching her squirm a bit.

Although, I must admit, I was not an angel and was caught all the time. I was terrible at breaking rules and never got away with anything. Perhaps this is something that my kids have inherited. They are bad at being bad. I have lived too long and broke the same rules over and over, and nothing they do surprise me. I can actually anticipate their next move. It's like a chess game, except I actually have the advantage since I have played the game before many, many times.

And so, it is time to move on to physical therapy with the "Tank". He has thought of a number of exercises that I cannot believe are therapeutic. In fact, there were a few times when I asked him for the scientific evidence that strapping rubber bands around my thighs and ankles and making me walk or waddle down a long hall were going to strengthen my legs rather than make me fall on my face. There are times when I looked around the room looking for cameras, 'cause I am afraid that my therapy would go viral on YouTube.

With that note, I am off....literally...have a wonderful day!

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