Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer begins.....

Monday! All is quiet....sleeping giants are in their rooms, peaceful in their slumber....the calm before the storm...then lightening! Thunder! Wind and rain....yep, both kids have to work today and there is one car for them to share. Neither considered the math before going to bed last night, so the storm will brew and hit around 11 am. BP mom will not get involved in the negotiations. This is a skill that they must hone without mama's help. However, I do realize that somehow I will be part of driving one of them to work or picking one up because of the timing. This is just the start of the summer for us. I feel like it is little league, ballet, volleyball, girl scouts, and birthday parties again. The only difference is that the kid is not in the back seat sucking on a lollipop, he or she is in the front seat playing with my radio, turning up the tunes, and except for Tink, ignoring attempts at conversation.

Buddy's team was in the Midwest this weekend and took 2 out of three games. This leaves them in good shape to make the playoffs in (of all places) Ohio at the end of the month. Naturally, he would join them just to support the team. He could not nor should not miss the play offs for any reason. nope, he will not be in uniform or the dugout, he will be in the stands probably sitting next to me as he growls and complains that he is not in uniform and on the mound.

I had an interesting time yesterday as we watched the game from our computer terminals. Each member of the family was in a different room (togetherness, eh?) while watching on their laptop screens. Then I would hear: " x0xhha$%!" a number of times and knew that he was watching in not so silent silence. He had a comment for each play or misstep and I knew that this is the edited version of what he is actually like in the dugout and bullpen. Talk about salty language....oye! Further, the guy does not like to lose even when he is not in the game.

OK, the giant is awake and Buddy just limped down the stairs and complaining that his body really hurts. What? Is he 40? His body is sore and he wants to go and work out. Is this what an athlete does? Aren't they supposed to take time off a bit when the body is so sore that it cannot sit without a sigh or grimace? Geez...

After a conversation, we narrowed the pain down to worn out running shoes. Therefore, with his first paycheck, the plan is to buy new shoes. It's funny, because now he is cussin' about the cheap shoes and equipment given out by the university. Dude, you are so blessed that you are given even a cheap pair of shoes to use for training. When I coached tennis (sorry) the girls were given one pair of socks and could use the skirts that were in the locker room. No shoes, equipment, buffets, walk out songs, fancy stadiums, or least they were absorbent.

And now, the day really begins. The fight for the third car is on. Will I engage in the discussion? to get my act together and get to work. How they handle the division of the transportation is up to them. Hopefully, they will share it with me at some point before I pick up my brief case and yogurt.

Have a great day and keep on fighting the good fight!

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