Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frozen peas: More than a vegetable

Good Afternoon! That's's afternoon. I had to run out early this morning for my second tennis match in two days. Whew!

Let's recap....I had knee surgery in March and have been out of commission athletically since January. Therefore as the pounds crept onto my hips somehow, I lost more than the timing with my racquet speed. I lost the ability to fit into my clothes. Option number 1 is to lose weight. Option number 2 is to buy new clothes. So far, option 1 is wishful thinking. Perhaps I can get a Macy's coupon and hit the clearance rack....or not....

On to my 2012 debut on the tennis court. Last night, I was paired with a friend who kept me laughing when I felt like crying. When I missed a ball, I missed big. There were times that I was looking around to make sure that no one was capturing my crazy play on their cellphone. It would go viral on youtube....and so, we were the first ones off the court as we sheepishly collected our water bottles, racquets, and worked my way back to the patio to watch the "good players" win their matches. Strike 1 for BP mom....

This morning, I vowed that I would play more aggressively and not worry about the knee. Actually, it was fine last night....did not fall off...nor did it hamper my play. In other words, I had no excuse for the loss.

Today, I was paired with a person that I knew only by reputation and actually did not remember what her reputation was....She was a nice person and very happy....even if she hit the ball into the stratosphere, she would smile and say "oops..." On the other hand, I would stifle a grunt or two and try to look composed on the outside as I sweated profusely. I could not let my opponent see me nervous or worried when I was feeling the pressure.

Let's stop here for a second. As I am typing this note, I cannot believe how crazy I am. What does it matter if I win or lose? It's a game right? I am adult. I do not receive a pay check for playing tennis, golf or bowling. So, what's the big deal?

My only answer is going to sound quite lame, but I think that once you compete as an athlete, you cannot turn the competitive spirit on and off. Even when I play Clue with the kids, I try to win. I analytically construct the game's murderer, weapon, and location. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the game of Clue. A Trivial Pursuit game is something that I have to win too. I am not a good loser but a great winner. I always shake my opponents' hand and tell them what good players they are....When I lose, it is more of a "good match"...later....bye....

Back to today's match. My partner, Giggles, did manage to keep a calm court with her humor too. Therefore, it was a good match. We finished with the same score from last night except, we won today! Is BP Mom back?  Yeah, I think so, although I currently have ice on my knees and the right elbow....I do this for fun, right?

It was great seeing the gang who I had played with over the years. Although, I considered not returning to the court. My good friend of three decades, the Brain, stopped by on Friday for a chat. She encouraged me to get back onto the court and not wait. The way she looks at it is that if I need a knee replacement or have some pain, so what....get out there and have fun. Also, there is something in the pharmacy called Aleve and Motrin. Have you ever heard of it? And she says that she does not have any empathy! Of course she does.

Now on to the big kid....I see a great deal of my competitiveness in him and yes, it is my fault. Although, I am not a typical parent who gets crazy in the stands and yells at my child and the umpires. I sit quietly, watch, and analyze the game. I silently pray for the best outcome to the game. Yet, as I can suppress my angst when losing, he cannot (yet).  I watched a major league game on the television one night and after the pitcher was taken out of the game, he started to destroy the dug out. A bit over the top, dontchathink? I have never lost my temper after a game and even though it bothered me, I would not let anyone know. My kid on the other hand....all I can say is "oye!"

He is currently on his way home from work, will catch the playoff game on television this afternoon, then he is off to coach a 16 year old team tonight. I am glad to see him staying active and passing his knowledge onto the next generation.

With that said, I have to go to the freezer to get an icy bag of peas to put on my elbow. Growing old....I would not change it for the world.

Have a great day!

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