Monday, May 21, 2012

Stay alert

It's an overcast day and the spirits are just as low as the clouds. I can't get out of my head the violation of basic human decency. However, as I continue to ponder over yesterday's announcement, I began to remember some telling moments that now make sense.

For example, as an elementary school volleyball and basketball coach, I noticed the pastor would never attend the games or practices even to say hello to the children. In fact, he was always missing from activities concerning the kids. The associate pastor would be the person who represented the parish at these events. I used to think that the pastor was too busy. When I would see his face change at mass when a baby cried, I never understood why he would not see this child as a future parishioner or child of God. Now I get it....

He was intentionally trying to stay away from the kids. He had nothing to do with the school except for building it. And it always seemed that he would rather be anywhere else than with the congregation. Now knowing his proclivities, perhaps he was trying to protect the kids from himself. Hmmmm....something to think about as I try to process this information. I want to have compassion, but am finding it very tough.

Nevertheless, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims. I saw a good friend at the gym yesterday who asked me how my knee was progressing. When I told her the news, she looked at me in the eye and said: "There are worse things than a sore knee...." I could not agree more.....

I promise that I will pick up on the lighter side of life tomorrow. I need one more day to work out how I can be part of the solution to a pervasive problem in our society. What I can say in this forum is to look out for the vulnerable. The able-bodied have a charge to protect the individuals who cannot protect themselves. Be vigilant and take nothing for granted.

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