Friday, May 18, 2012

Making the playoffs

Good morning! Another beautiful spring day in the northeast and the kids have been settling into a routine of sleeping late and retiring to bedrooms early. What is so interesting in those rooms? not sure...perhaps they are reading some of the classic literature or self help books....nah....they are online chatting away with their friends.

Today is a special day. It's the day that I have been waiting for and fearing at the same time. I am going to hit tennis balls today. And the trepidation is whether the knee will hold up in competition. I wanted to start slowly and hit against a ball machine. Then I am going to hit with a tennis pro who is probably the age of Cupcake. Lastly, I have been booked for matches on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The butterflies are beginning to fly in the stomach and I am way too nervous about this. After all, I have been playing tennis competitively since I was twelve. Now I am nervous....crazy? Yah....And so, I grab my racquets, dust the mold and dirt off them, strap on my lucky sneakers, pick up the pink mother's day wrist bands given to me by my son who took them from the stadium on Sunday, rub in the sunscreen, grab a hat and sunglasses, and squeeze into my tennis skirt. If this does not scream: "Start your diet!", nothing will.....wish me luck!

As far as Buddy is concerned, he worked out yesterday and worked at the bakery until late at night. The cakes are baking and the floors needed mopping. It's a great job for him. Love their vanilla cake with vanilla frosting....this is not good for the diet, is it?

His team won the first game of a three game series yesterday and have made the conference playoffs in Ohio (yep, Ohio).  Rather than being totally thrilled for the guys, he is saltier than ever because (once again) he is not there to either sit in the dugout, stand in the bullpen, spit seeds, or be called into the game to save it. His ego is taking a blow and rather than talk about it, he is moody and sullen with a bit of a salty edge.

I understand his sadness, yet as Kelly Clarkson sings: "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger....." Perhaps the time off from competition is the best thing to happen to him. In fact, he gets another year of college to work and complete (according to dad) a masters degree...'cause according to dad, he WILL finish his bachelors degree with the rest of his class. No ands, ifs, or buts....we did it, he can do it.

On Sunday, Big Red moved out of the apartment because he could no longer take the immaturity of Buddy and Angel and living with LW. So, he left early....dude....what about the cable bill that I have been paying? Time to complete all transactions here. It was ironic because he told his girlfriend that his room mates were holding him back from being a top player. He has been relegated to second string since he dropped his batting average to less than .200. Furthermore, he blames his room mates for this action by the coach.

OK, what are we missing here? I'll tell is a guy who is struggling on the field and his explanation is his room mates are crazy. Hmmmm...yeah, perhaps they are real knuckleheads, but when a person has a problem with hitting, it is not because their room mate is standing next to them on the field making them laugh during a game. During a slump, he blames someone else. What about looking within and checking his batting stance or rotation? How about changing his diet, sleep regimen, walk out song or even lucky underwear and shoes. Every spring, I had Buddy's eyes checked for changes. Inevitably, we would have to change the prescription in his contact lenses and he would see the ball and plate better. Has Red checked his vision lately? Perhaps he is not seeing the ball well.

With that said....I have to see Cupcake and Buttercup.
Go team!

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