Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missing: My Mind....

Good morning! I could not find Buddy this morning. I thought that he was sleeping late but it turns out he was already at the bakery working until 2pm....For a minute, I felt like the old days when I felt that he was lost in the mall. Odd....Speaking of lost, I do not understand what happened to my new knee brace that I bought last week. After finding the perfect amount of support and comfort and the ability to move in it, I cannot find it. Duh! Where could it be? I left it in the front seat of the car. Now I cannot find it. Tink and I went through a full garbage can last night in the dark...not there. I tore the car apart...not there. Crazy! Or am I? Is it age or did I throw it out? How could I have lost it? Too many questions with no answers.... My brain hurts. Time to buy a new one.

Why am I so rushed to find the brace? Well, tonight is my first tennis match since long before the surgery. Fortunately my team is not in the hunt for a play off spot, so I can lose without feeling too much pressure. Although, I must confess, I love to win. I never go out there thinking that a loss might be just what I need for my confidence and self-esteem.

This is going to be a test of the knee, timing, conditioning (or lack thereof), physical therapy, and surgery. I did not tell Tank that I was playing tennis tonight. He might not approve and I did not want to feel guilty about it. Although tomorrow, I may be confessing my wrong doings to him asking him to help me to feel better. With his guidance, I feel that my legs are stronger than ever. Now all I have to do is lose the pre and post surgical weight that has crept up on me and landed on my hips. A small piece of advice: do not eat vanilla vanilla cake from the bakery if you are not exercising. You will grow in ways that you cannot believe. I think that I am dough-ier than pie crust right now. Time for a lifestyle change....stat!

Speaking of the bakery, Sparky, the Baker and I had a late drink together at our favorite seafood restaurant. Baker will telling funny stories about the bakery and we were howling. They definitely should have a reality show. The people who work there and the customers are not to be believed. Although I learned something very important last night that I will pass on to readers. When you take the cake out of the oven, you have to freeze it immediately so that it does not dry out. I forgot to ask her if that includes my boxed Betty Crocker cakes too. Not everyone knows this baking trivia. One woman called the bakery to complain to Buddy over the phone and was chewing him out because her cake was too cold. As he told her to leave it on the counter for an hour, she would not be appeased until she received another cake. She railed and ranted on the phone, then walked into the bakery 20 minutes later with her son to pick up her cake. Much to her surprise, Buddy was the guy that she was screaming at...it seems that he was on her son's baseball team. Can anyone say: "Oops?" Let's just say that bad behavior is bad behavior. Be nice to everyone including the kid on the end of the phone as you call to complain about a too cold cake.

With that said, it is time to find another brace, fill my little water cooler, find a tennis skirt that fits and does not reveal too much, take an Aleve, stretch, eat a few carbs, and go conquer my opponent. Have a wonderful day!

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