Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crunch Time's "go-time". Buttercup has been in labor since midnight and it looks like there is no turning back. She is ready. Grammy and Poppy are ready. I am not ready. Why?

Hmmmm, after careful thought, this baby is the next generation in the BP family. It means that I now have a great-niece. Yes, she will be great, but it is pretty clear that I am now one of the aunts that I always considered "old" in my youth. Ouch!

I know that getting older is inevitable, but a baby really punctuates the reality. I was thrilled when Buttercup was born because she was our first niece, and now, here is her baby. does go on, doesn't it?

And so, I will fulfill my responsibilities as soon as possible, drive by the bakery and pick up some baby cookies and get to the hospital as soon as I can. Unfortunately, I cannot be there to sit with Big Sis but my spidey senses tell me that she has her hands full and does not need one more person in the mix. Even if it is me....her favorite middle sister.....:-D

As far as my leftie is concerned, he has his sociology final then will be home tonight for a week. He has to return to campus next week for the final home stand. I am not sure how he will get there. Perhaps he can drive the baby's Little Tikes cozy coupe or take the Mega Bus.....

Got to run....boil hot water...get towels.....Merlot time....nope, let's make it champagne!

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