Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day is approaching!

Having fun yet? The big kid took the 6 am bus back to college today for the last weekend of baseball at home stadium. After working until 1 am in the bakery and grabbing 4 hours of sleep, his dad dropped him off at the bus station. After the weekend's games, the team will no longer play at home and his red shirt commitment is officially over. Therefore, he returns home Sunday evening for a summer of physical therapy, work outs, and filling cake orders in the bakery.

This is one of the busiest months for cakes, so the gang in the bakery have been preoccupied filling orders. Yesterday I tried to call in a few orders for Buttercup, but could not make it through the phone line since it was always busy. I resorted to texting the orders in to Buddy in the hopes that he got the orders correct for the new mother. His handwriting is illegible. Hopefully, and I mean this with a smile on my face that the cake decorators can read his chicken-scratch writing and write "Happy Mother's Day, Nanny" rather than "Happy Mother's Day, Nutso."

Did you see Time magazine's cover of the mother breast feeding her three year old son? Hey, he looked more like 13 years old. Of course, my eyes are not what they used to be, so he could have been three, but come on people, unlatch the breast and let the kid go free. Is she doing this for him or her? Perhaps she is having a hard time letting him go, so she is doing this extreme parenting. Does she stop by his nursery school at snack time? What about play dates? Does he text her when he is thirsty? Talk about being on call 24/7. Not even new residents in the hospitals have "call" like this extreme mom.  Ask Buttercup about breast feeding and she will share with you that she is not going make it past three months let alone three years!

And yes, Mother's Day approaches and each year, I appreciate the mothers in my life more and more. I watched Emeril L surprise a mother with 7 children under the age of 2 years for Good Morning America. It was neat to see her flabbergasted by all of the attention.  My mother would be the same way. With six kids in ten years, no help, and no car, she managed to create a home and heart for our family. Without a doubt, I would not be bullpen mom without her as a role model. Creative, kind, caring, funny, and a great cook, BP Grandmom has been the rock in all of our families. Without her, we would all be without our hearts and anchor. Thanks mom, for all that you have sacrificed to give us the foundation that we needed to move on with our lives.

Yep, BP G-mom is awesome! All agree that she has the spirit of a dove and patience of a saint. Priceless...

This weekend, I have to attend three university  ceremonies which include graduation and baccalaureate. I have been asked by the chaplain to open the ceremony tonight with a prayer. Believe it or not, it has taken me three days to write a one-minute prayer.  It's true. I cannot get the right words or phrasing or feel comfortable with the content. I am sure that God will understand my ramblings, but will the congregation? Hence the panic to do this right. I can "borrow" a prayer from a website or book, but I think the goal was to have some knucklehead like me create a prayer that will capture the audience's attention and festive mood. I wasn't even going to the ceremony tonight, but when the chaplain calls, you gotta answer. So, I said: "Sure, I will say the invocation prayer." Oy! What was I thinking. Pressure is on. Prayer needs a bit of to have a cup of coffee and begin again to make sure that it makes sense. After all, we are thankful for our blessings, the graduates, and their families, after that....I got nothing....

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