Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beginning PT

Greetings from Cupcake's house.  Tink and I have spent the last two days with the newest member of the family while Big Sis returned to work. This has been the greatest gig. The only problem is that Cupcake is a night owl and Buttercup would love for her to sleep more at night than during the day. My job is to entertain the newborn and try to keep her awake. Yeah, right...not possible. If she wants to sleep, baby is going to sleep. There is nothing that any of us can do about it. And so it goes. Tink never slept as a baby and Buddy slept all of the time. That kid would sit in his car seat and it would be "lights out."

As far as Buddy is concerned, he had another appointment with the surgeon who gave him the green light to begin physical therapy. After his appointment yesterday, he called me to share that he is to rehab every day. There is a problem, however, he does not have therapy table. "What is a therapy table?" I asked. His response was that it is a special padded table in which he can sit and lie on it and perform his exercises. to your dad.

Then I thought about it. The kid does not need a special table. He can sit on his bed and work out. The sofa would work too. What about the floor? No special $1000 table needed. Where would I put a therapy table in the house? My bedroom? Living room? Kitchen? Will people walk into the house, gasp, and say: "LOVE your therapy goes great with the traditional decor."  Would Nate Berkus approve and add some decorative pillows for texture and depth? I did see a Martha Stewart show that focused on different therapy tables and how they can double as a butcher block table or ottoman.

And so, the gift of a therapy table will not happen. As a matter of fact, since insurance does not cover furniture for the family room that can double as a therapy table, we will not be purchasing it. No, this one is non-negotiable...not going to happen....not necessary....uh uh. Nope.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy hanging out with my Cupcake. No therapy table needed, just a few diapers, a pacifier, and a blankie.

Have a great day!

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