Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Major League Fas Paux

Hello! Sorry about missing a few days but I took the weekend to repair, recover, and reflect....yep...no typing, writing, or thinking. Ooops, I should not have written that one...too late!

Part of my absence has been the lack of content shared by my big leftie. He is quieter than usual. Perhaps part of the issue is that he is living at home and no longer hours away. Also the team wrapped up their season last week after being humiliated in the playoffs on national television. No bullpen support....

As the team disbanded, there was something that was glaringly missing. What the coaches did not follow through on was the team banquet to honor the seniors. As far as BP mom is concerned, this is a big no-no....a faux pas....an oversight....problem...issue...blunder....a blooper...gaffe....and major league boo boo.

Why is the final banquet so important? Well, in my mind, it is to honor the seniors who have stuck it out through thick and thin. They were the glue that held  together the university's toy. The seniors were the leaders...the guys who stood up and guided the younger guys and took it on the chin when the team lost (and they lost and lost and also turned the season around to make the playoffs). The senior banquet acknowledges their hard work, grit, and determination AND there is something called the Dugout Club that facilitates the banquet.

Was someone too tired to hold a final year party? Come on guys, we're in college here. There are coaches, a secretary and booster club. You have parties all the time, just ask the guys in the beer distributorship...they know you on a first name basis. Also, if you asked me, I would have organized it!

A party....chips, dip, nachos, and hot dogs...perhaps a beer or two (and some Merlot). Nothing fancy...a few invitations to parents. Charge us for the napkins and ketchup. Hey, I'll bring my lucky cupcakes!

But not having anything is just wrong. Every team has an end of year event to acknowledge the most valuable player and team leaders. They give the tried and true monogrammed blanket to each graduating senior and pictures are taken with the families. So, what happened here?

Got to run to see Tank....I will give my thoughts on a glaring fas paux later!

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