Saturday, May 5, 2012


Good morning! It's Saturday and the house is full yet quiet. Everyone is still in bed and I must say, that this is a pleasure. So, it is time to catch up on the latest news.

Yesterday, Buddy and I spent most of the the together running errands and visiting Cupcake. First, Cupcake is such a cutie. As Buddy asked me: "Aren't all babies cute?" Hmmmm, I had to think about that question. Sure, most babies are sweet, but are they all cute? I guess that the answer is: "It depends". It depends upon who defines cute. As far as I am concerned, each baby is a blessing and we are fortunate to have Cupcake in our lives. As Big Sis and I stared into the nursery for the first time, we were not sure which baby was ours. They all looked alike...sorry...but they did. Each one had the full cheeks and squished nose. There were no defining marks that said: "Look's me....Cupcake!" Nope, we could not tell. Therefore, the answer to my son's question is "Yes", all babies are cute and precious....until you find your own, then they are the cutest!

Once the hospital visit was complete, the next phase was to run to the bakery to see Sparky. It seems that Buddy has found a summer job there and he begins to sell pastries today behind the counter. He's pretty excited about working with Sparky and the Baker and plans to learn all he can about the business. However, my advice to Baker is not to let him around your financial statements or count the revenue until he finally passes Finance 101.

As we chatted yesterday about the job, he was excited about learning all he could about baking. It seems that the 'uninformed' are teasing him about working in a bakery. Dude, when are you going to work out? How can you have a job and rehab? Looking ahead as I was driving ('cause I had to take the wheel back since he no longer reads the speed limit signs), he said something interesting....there are 24 hours in a day. If I work for 8 and sleep for 8, I have about 16 or so left to work out. Yeah, 16 or so is about right....See what I mean about finance? I believe that being able to count is an integral component to successfully passing the course.

Yep, it's good to have him home as we next drove to Target to buy new sheets for his bed since he ripped the last set. How does that happen? I day my leg went through them. A new phenomenon....A sleeping guy whose legs are so strong that they burst through sheets...really? Is this possible? Are you saying that you did not get angry one night and take the energy out on your sheets? I am still wrapping my brain around this one. By the way, the kid announced that he has not done laundry since spring break....I am pretty sure that this was two months ago. Does this mean that he has enough pairs of underwear and socks to last 60 days? Ew...

While at Target, we loaded up on the items that he will eat while he is home. There was no need for laundry detergent since he brought it back with him. So, I left him to fill the cart with food that will satisfy a growing guy. My senses tell me that we will be back again on Monday to refill the pantry. The Southern Belle predicts that the food bill will double. I must disagree. The food bill will triple as will the gas and water bills. Let's not forget electricity too.

This weekend the baseball team is playing at an indoor major league field in the Midwest. California pitched last night with 40 MLB scouts in attendance with their radar guns. It seems that Buddy's room mate for the fall is a top prospect and if he is drafted, he will serve. Yep, he will pack his gear, glove, and dip so fast that he won't have time to drop off the key to retrieve his deposit for the house. The only sign that he was ever there would be the ripped sheets left on his abandoned bed. I wish him the best and hope that he gets what he wants. We will know during June's major league draft.

Off to accomplish some goals....have a good day!

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