Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strong winds or strong emotions?

Good morning! It's Memorial Day weekend and the families are planning to pack the cars and drive the  two hours to the Jersey shore. That's right....New Jersey....home of housewives and someone (or something) named Snooki. I love the shore but hate the crowds, which is one of the reasons why I am considering not going to the beach. When it is a hassle trying to get somewhere to relax knowing that it will be more of a hassle to return home, find a restaurant without a two hour wait or a large pizza for less than $25 or even pay to sit on the beach and have the green headed flies attack you while you try to read a magazine, then I feel that a quiet weekend at home is the real vacation. No offense to the vacationers. I love the shore during the week when it is not so crowded.

On to the big many ways can I say "Oye"? Oye.....the guy is filled with turmoil as the team is in Ohio without him. When he returned home from work yesterday, he ran to his room to watch the play off game on television. From my location, I could hear multiple screams and (unfortunately) expletives as the team worked toward a victory. They were ahead as California pitched until the 7th inning...then it all fell apart.....

That's right....LW entered the game instead of Buddy and proceeded to load the bases. He was then yanked by the coach and the closer came in and the wheels came off the cart. The opposing team (whom they had beaten multiple times this season) scored over....Buddy's team has lost the play off game that they should have won.

He began to receive texts from his "friends" who told him that his team "s__ked" and were losers and so on. After the game, he ran out of the house to work out and coach the high school game. When he called home, he shared the text messages with me. My reply was simple: "You have nothing to do with their wins or losses this year, so relax." He got a bit salty and said that it was 'his' team and as a result, he was associated with the fiasco on national television. Moreover, it was his former room mate LW who could not get an out on the mound and his future room mate, California who was robbed of the victory.

So complicated...and yet, so simple...

And so, the team has been relegated to the losers' bracket in the tournament and will be on television today for the second and possibly final game of the year. Yes, we will be watching, although not in the same room. He can take the upstairs floor and I will take the downstairs. I may add ear plugs or go for a long walk during the game. I actually do not want to be in the same house while he watches the game. From the screams of "throw the curve ball" to the "Seriously? Seriously?", the best place for me is as far away as possible.

After all, I cannot change the way he is reacting to the team in the play offs. He has a certain way that he watches the game and I believe that he is emotionally transported to the dug out. I will know for sure if I see sunflower seeds on the walls and floors or the bedroom after the game. Happily, he gave up dipping chewing tobacco for sunflower seeds. True, sunflower seeds are a better choice of snacking, yet messier as the evidence is all over the place.

I actually feel that once the season is over, the angst that he is feeling will be put into its place and he can move on with his work outs and physical therapy. Until then, the emotional roller coaster continues as I seek ways of pacifying the giant. He cannot not himself....and is on a crazy journey. As a mother, all I can do is understand his moods and hope that the ups and downs pass through like a tornado in Kansas....some of the mobile homes are damaged but not destroyed and can be rebuilt stronger than's hoping that the strong winds make it through the house with little or no collateral damage.

Have a great day!

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