Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome Cupcake!

Good morning! Cupcake is here! Yes, Buttercup had her baby yesterday afternoon and she is a cutie-pie! Cupcake weighed in at 9 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches with the fullest head of black hair that I have ever seen. The nurse called my Cupcake a "chunk" when she handed her to the new mommy. Was I the only one offended by the remark or should I get a sense of humor? My crazy mind took me to 18 years from now when she is trying on her prom dress and looking in the mirror saying: "I am such a chunk! Got to lose weight or do more crunches....." Is this where the lack of confidence and self doubt begins....on the first day of life? Unfortunately, I took the nurse's comment not as the joke that it was intended but as an indictment of our society as a whole that values a slim 7 pound baby upon each delivery. Hey! Buttercup is 5'9" and papa is well over 6 feet tall. This is called 'genetics'...time for nurse Seinfeld to go back to school or the local convenience store to buy a clue! Sorry, gang, but the comment bothered me....

On to the topic of the May is here, Mother's Day approaches and as I read the paper on my iPad today, my eye took me to a link...."Which TV mom are you?" Growing up with the television moms, I took the survey and am a combination of Murphy Brown (Self-reliant, brassy, and willing to put the Secretary of State on hold if your plumber calls) and Carol Brady (indefatigable, good-humored, and when it comes to your kids, you wish you had sound proofed the walls).

I was actually surprised by the results and think that the survey is not valid. Each mother brings something unique to the table. So, I have to say, there is probably some Claire Huxtable in me too with some hidden Roseann Barr tendencies.  Oh my, a psychologist could use me as a case study.....

On to my own kids.....Buddy is home and I could not help but notice that he is too thin. Actually, I am not pleased with this anorexic look because the kid has an appetite. He also had a limited budget in college and something tells me that the time that he spends at home will add pounds to his oh-so-skinny frame. After arriving home, he took off for a run in the neighborhood and then ate half of a large pizza in seconds. Nothing wrong with his appetite. It looks like he did not have the time to eat while studying for finals.

What happened to the freshman ten pounds that most kids gain? In my case, it was more than ten pounds and continued well after sophomore, junior, senior years as well as graduate school. Once I noticed the weight gain, I would look in the mirror and comment on being a "chunk".....ahhhh, the answer to the test....when I was handed over to my mother after birth, the delivery room nurse called me a "chunk"....uh I get it. The power of one comment can be life lasting....

With that said, I now have to accomplish a few tasks for the university that pays my salary.

Have a great day and I will leave you with a Murphy Brown quote: “Oh god, my body’s making milk. It’s like one day discovering you can get bacon out of your elbow.”

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