Monday, February 10, 2014


I'm back! Still cold as I type this note in my winter coat with a blanket on me. George is in the basement again trying to figure out my heating issue. He said "IT" never got back to him. Does he work at a university?

IT never gets back to me either, but I don't leave people cold for two weeks.
Oy! I am sure that I am going to get yet another bill to pay for George's time in the basement. Perhaps I should get an 8th grader....ah, forget it. I will put my trust in George and be like Bob Cratchit and light a few candles for warmth.

Nothing else is going on, except we are preparing for the start of the season on Friday. I am working on my travel plans now which includes driving down I 95 and stopping in NC. Then I will continue my travels and drive to Florida. Yep, I do believe that I may drive all the way. No plane? Nope.

Why? I don't know. I am looking for an adventure and this is the way to have it. I can chronicle my travels as I drive along '95' and learn more about the country.

Am I nuts? Sure. But, I have the time since I killed myself during the fall teaching 90% of my load. I doubt if I will have this opportunity again, so, I will grab a bunch of bananas, apples, and my Starbucks card (thanks, Uncle C) and point the car south.

I'll drive until I don't feel like it anymore and look at it as BP mom's excellent adventure.

Yes, I will be driving alone until Tink meets me half way in South Carolina.

And so, it's time for me to go to the basement and check on George's progress or lack of progress. What is he doing down there?

OK, gotta run. More about my pending excellent adventure to follow.....

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