Monday, February 3, 2014


Good snowy morning!

Happy birthday Blue Devil! Yep, as she adds another year, I wonder how she looks the same as the day that I met her. It must be the southern weather and diet. 'Cause this woman looks a-mazing!!

I am hanging out in the surgi center this morning waiting for Dr. G to emerge after his surgery. It's not a biggie, but he needs someone to take him home. Per HIPAA, I cannot disclose the details, although I probably could since I am not his actual health care provider.

I left the house with large flaky snowflakes and arrived at the surgicenter to a downpour. I am over this weather. Over...done....Costa Rica done....Moving....not sure where...somewhere sunny, low humidity, pretty flowers, cool need for a snow shovel or heat....

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon after the weekend in the mountains. It was good to see the big kid but he looks exhausted....emotionally and physically. After his 7 am practice, we met and had a big breakfast before going home. He has not had time to shave in over a week and he looks like he has been lost in the woods without a compass for a week.

Without shaving on a regular basis, he looks grubby. No one will bother him because he also looks scary. Yet, as we stood looking at the player's 2014 photos for the scoreboard on Saturday night, I stared at the screen with the leftie and his friend Tonto, another pitcher. As his number and name flashed on the large screen in the ballroom, his face was illuminated and I then cringed. My mouth opened and all I could say was 'Oy!'

Yeah, there was the 2014 photo with the kid in his uniform and hat with 5 days beard growth on his face. He was smiling and under the facial hair looked nice. But the beard....yuk!

It's not my face. It's his, but his response was "I did not know that they were taking pictures and did not have time to shave." OK, but this picture will haunt you for at least another year as it is flashed on scoreboards, is placed in yearbooks, and commemorated on a baseball card. Whenever he pitches in a game, the hairy, scary face will be broadcasted for all to see. I will be the only one in the stands or watching on television who knows that he is really a sweet guy under the hair.

No worries. It's just a photo.

I did not mention one thing about the dinner on Saturday night. Before he left for campus after the holidays, he mentioned that he needed a suit for this dinner. I told him to chat with dad and the two of them could go and buy the suit. But he never did. Over the last few weeks, on occasion, I wondered what had happened with the purchase of the new suit.

Well, I found out on Saturday....he rented a black suit and shoes at a tuxedo shop. A rental....does it fit? I asked..."Yeah. It only cost me $40.00."

A $40.00 rental with a tight white button down shirt that he wore in high school with his red tie meant that he was going to look like a vagabond. I doubt if the coaches had this in mind when they mandated that the team wear a suit on Saturday night. When I saw him before the dinner, he did look interesting. His collar was too tight and therefore he could not button the shirt, the tie was tied too tight, and his shoes were shiny patent leather. Yikes! For his birthday, he is going to receive a blue blazer, shirt, and grey pants so that he never has to wear a rental again.

I have to give him some props for the rental, but it missed the mark and he was definitely not destined for the cover of GQ. With the beard, wrinkled shirt, and shiny, faux leather shoes, he refused to let me take photos to commemorate the night.

Ah, maybe we should forget about it anyway and start looking forward to some good times on the mound. I am only thinking positive as he takes life day by day. Sadly, I still do not have my plane ticket for Florida which means that I will be buying it at the last minute and be sitting by the bathroom again. Oh's all about the process, right?

Gotta go....

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