Thursday, February 6, 2014


Greetings from BP Grandmom and Grandpop's house. Yes, it is day 2 without power. Day 1 was spent at Dr. G's house after I alarmingly discovered a person cannot make coffee without power. SO, I packed my Kuerig in the car, half and half, mug, slippers, laptop, tablet, and Diva and Tink are I journeyed to my brother's house. It was warm, toasty, had internet, TV, and power.....sooo nice. Then dad read online that the power was restored, so we packed up the coffee pot and headed home, only to discover that the power was not on. With that said, Tink, Diva and I hid under blankets while keeping warm with a glass of wine and the fireplace.

Photo: No power. Nice fireplace. Its happy hour :-)

We had take out then went to bed with 6 blankets on top of us. The only part of the body that was cold was the tip of the frost bitten nose.

No hot water....Tink and I after sleeping in our clothes, grabbed the coffee pot and dog and ran to Grandmom's house which is where I sit today as I type this note in clean clothes, underwear, and socks. I read online through the power company that we were destined for  power tomorrow night at 11 pm. Sweet. Until then, we mooch off relatives with power, hot water, and full fridge.

On to the big kid in the mountains who does have heat. They have practice each night at 10pm...nice...not! Anyway, after the pitchers were practicing a pick off maneuver, Psycho brought them together and screamed (paraphrasing): "I want to throw you guys into a corner and beat you until you are dead."

Who says that? Ever?

Who thinks it? Ever?

This Psycho is a sicko.

After taking a deep breath in, I replied, "Now you know that you are not the reason that he says these things. He is crazy and needs to be in a padded room. Stay as far away from him as you can."

That's it folks. I got nothing else but agita on this one. Keep all sharp instruments away from Psycho, because we do not want to give him any ammunition. Don't make eye contact. Keep 10 feet away from him at all times. Document these threats and don't take it personally. Keep the mental health hotline and 911 on speed dial.

Sheesh. What else do I need to worry about? Global warming?

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