Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hello to all! Yes, I made it to Tampa with very little excitement. There were nasty storms while we were driving that made me chat with God asking Him to help us to get to our destination.

Yep, it was pretty scary, but we made it through. After a 6 hour journey from South Carolina fueled by Skittles and a peanut butter sandwich, we decided to find fish tacos for dinner. Game time is 7 pm.
Unfortunately, we could not find anything beyond a disappointing Chick filet for dinner. Oh woe!

How is the big kid? Well, we have had limited opportunities to chat this week. As I stayed in South Carolina, my days and evenings were booked by the Southern belle and Pop. So, we played phone tag until last night when he touched base around 8 before entering the air plane. He finally told me where the team was staying and I shared with him, that I could not wait for the information and decided to take a room at the Hampton Inn.Therefore, our hotels are five miles apart. time, give me a two day heads up.

As we got to the stadium, the leftie remembered to leave us game tickets at the box office which saved me $14.00. Upon entering, we looked around and it is a magnificent university stadium. The field, seats, sound system, and score board were top notch. The opposing team was on to the game.....

OK, as you know, BP mom has to wait generally for an entire game for a glimpse at her favorite player. However, with last night's game, he made it in before the 8th inning....and here is how it went....

He entered the game when the score was 17-0 (other team was winning). He looked pretty good. He was throwing and in the zone. But somewhere along the line, the players forgot that they were in a game and behind him there were 5 errors. Yes, that is right....5 errors. The official score documented 4 errors, but I distinctly saw five! Needless to say, it is an outing that the short stop and first baseman need therapy to get over. The pitcher kept his cool and threw and threw and threw....56 pitches in one inning. Yes, he walked a guy...yes, he hit a batter who was crowding the plate, but these were insignificant. He should have been out of the inning within 12 pitches. Thanks to his team mates, he was not....which leads me to his pitching coach who shouted at hm a few weeks ago: "If you do not pitch to contact, you will not pitch for me, ever!"

How is that statement working for you, dude? Should he continue to pitch to contact if his defense is not playing the ball? Hmmm. Such a dilemma.

Tink and I left after the 8th inning and headed back to our hotel when we got the text message: "Please come and meet me." OK, let's go...see you at the bar at your hotel...."Not allowed at the bar..." Huh? OK, that makes sense....take a long shower in your room so that I can sip a pinot and wait for you, then we can chat in the lobby.

When I saw him, he looked tired. He gave his performance a "D". I thought that it was more like a B minus. he lost a few points by hitting the batter and walking the other.

The coaches said to the players that one game does not define a season and not let it bother them. Although while stretching, the leftie pulled on one of the bands that was attached to the fence and clearly hit the head coach on the jaw with his hand. Ouch....anyway.....

The head and pitching coaches congratulated his performance. Obviously, they watched the same game that I did.

While we sat in the lobby, the kid said that he was at peace. He does not blame his team mates because he knows that they did not drop or over throw the balls on purpose. Where does he stand for the rest of the weekend? No more pitching. He's done for the weekend. And that is it....the life of BP mom.....

Thousands of miles in a car....handfuls of Skittles.....peanut butter sandwiches on I95....find the ball park....sit and watch a great game or like last night...a really bad game....wait and wait to see her son....he warms up....he throws....he's out.....done.....

Yet, you know.....I would not trade these moments for anything. I will do whatever it takes to be the support that my family needs. If it means a week's worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the road, then so-be-it.

Sigh. Now Tink and I will look for some fish tacos and go to the 6 pm game. The weather has cleared. It is goes on.....


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