Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hola! It's a late afternoon post. This is the first time that I am able to write all day...why?....well.....

It seems that our Diva is one sick pup. Four weeks ago, we took her to Petsmart to be groomed. After dropping a very reluctant dog off, Tink and I returned home and immediately received a phone call. "Please come and pick up Diva, we cannot groom her until her eye heals."

Really? Come on....well....Diva had a red eye lid and kind of looked like pink eye. But I figured that a dog could not acquire pink eye, right?

And so, we took her to see the vet. The vet gave her antibiotics.....come back in a week...that will be $132.00.

Ok, we are back...the eye is still red...big eye lids....It is time for another antibiotic. Also, use warm soaks to her eye. That will be $64.00. 'We don't take American Express.' Hey, how about quarters, nickels, and dimes? I got plenty of those.... 'Come back in 5 days.....'

Another visit to the vet....let's try steroids and an eye cream...."Come to the computer. I think that this is what she has...."....The computer?  I think? I could have googled dog eyes....see you in a week....$32.00

Yesterday, we returned to the vet. Now Diva is freaking out because she knows what is happening. She is high strung to begin with and the vets who work in the back of the office immediately knew who was in their lobby.

Once the doc saw Diva, she punted. Yep, "I want Diva to see a dog ophthalmologist. Here is the name and number of a very good one." Huh? A good one? There is someone out there who decided to be a dog eye doctor? How does that person make a decision like that in vet school? I like dog eyes, so I will specialize. Fascinating....

And so, we got the call early this morning to bring Diva to the eye doctor. After an hour wait (apparently, there are lots of dogs and cats that need their vision checked), the vet and dog nurse put her through a few tests, took photos, cut her hair back away from her eyes, and looked into her eyes with a specialized lens. According to the specialist, Diva may have an autoimmune disorder, so she put her on a more powerful does of steroids, antibiotic, and ointment for her eye.

If this does not work, she may have an allergy and need to see....get this.....another specialist....a dog dermatologist. That's right. There are people in vet school who have decided to specialize in animal rashes and skin.

That will be $244.00. We do accept American Express. See you in ten days...

We are not done yet.

Then she added one of those collars in which the dog cannot touch her eye. It looks like Diva has her head in a bowl.

As soon as we got home, Tink and I had to run out. So, I left Diva in the mud room with her new collar on. When I returned three hours later, she was in the same position that I had left her in. She could not sit or relax or move. This seems to be doggie torture to me. Poor Diva.

Now, I have propped her up on a few pillows and have her neck on top of a pillow pet. She seems comfortable but not happy. Not at all...In fact, she is peaved.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, I am now in the market for pet insurance. I wonder if they will turn us down since she has a pre existing eye thing going on. By the way, no one has technically diagnosed this eye problem, so I call it Diva's boo boo.

That's it folks. Like most of us, we love our pets. Never in a million years did I think that I would have to find Blue Cross and Blue Shield for a maltese with an eye problem. But this is how it goes....

Now it is time for me to finish my projects. Enjoy the evening.

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