Sunday, February 16, 2014

All plans are subject to change

Good morning! The day has arrived with mixed emotions. First, the guys don't want to play in 40 degree weather on a field that may have ice on it...just a bit of a hazard and safety problem. Also, I am sadly not there to observe the games. My plans took a nasty turn with the latest snow fall. Fortunately, since I am driving, I have the opportunity to be flexible.

 So, I can leave tomorrow for Florida or I can leave Tuesday. Nonetheless, I won't miss this series.

I did note on the opposing team's website that the games are going to be streamed online. This is terrific. I can stay warm, eat popcorn or crack open the boxed wine, and watch my computer for a few hours. This definitely is a answer to my sadness for missing the opening pitch.

After a twelve hour trip (mom, no Wifi....sad face), the team stretched their legs, had another practice, and went out to dinner. I have not heard from the kid since he boarded the bus for dinner, so I have no idea how it went. But I suggested that he ate pasta and protein to prepare the body for a double header.

His lovely face made the photo that was posted on Facebook. In it, his head is turned a bit, skull cap on his head, and several days growth on his face When did he decide that this was a good look?

Hold everything!

Dad just walked into my office with the news that the second floor heating unit is not working. Seriously?? Now the second floor? Dang! What the heck is going on? Please do not tell me that I have to call my heating guy George back! Double dang! Triple dang! I am supposed to leave town but I can't if I have to get the heat pump fixed. Heck! Double heck! Triple heck! There is also a strange odor in my office which is above the heating units. Oy! Crack open the box on this one!

Well, that's it gang. In less time than it takes me to write a short post, my plans have changed again. We chatted about flexibility, right?

And so, my friends, my travel plans have changed in the last five minutes. Crud! Double crud! Triple crud!

OK, enough. Time to call George and have him check out the heat again. If history repeats itself, it will take him four visits to fix the heat pump over a period of two weeks. Ahhhh.

Sorry, I am bummed.....I'll post after I watch the games, not in the warmth of my home, but in the chill of my home....have a great day!

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