Friday, February 14, 2014

Doggie ophthalmologist

Greetings! I will not mention the 's' word, but let's be realistic, it has put a cramp in my travel plans. It looks like the weekend in NC is cancelled, although the team still plans to travel and play three games on Sunday and Monday. If this happens, will the fields be ready? What will the temperature be? Are the roads passable?

Come on, guys....just cancel it and do not put our boys in jeopardy. Even if the bus arrives safely, they will still be outside early in the season and with the cold temperatures can sustain injuries. So, when you make this decision, be sure about the consequences of your actions.

With that said, I am no longer going to make travel plans but go with the flow. I already informed work that I will be out of the office, so I can leave at any time. Unfortunately, I wanted to leave today but it is out of my hands. Since I cannot control it, I look for other ways to occupy my time like heading to the Y for a pilates class.

Yep, that's it. Since we had a snow day, I was able to accomplish most of my work, so it is time to relax and work out.

By the way, our Diva is having eye troubles. Two weeks ago, her left eye was red and swollen (Bob Costas-like for those of you who are watching the Olympics). Anyway, we brought her to the vet.....antibiotics....$70.00....the redness did not clear up, so another visit to the vet.....ointment and more antibiotics.....$135.00....Back to the vet today at 4 pm....$$$$$$$$. On our last visit, the vet mentioned that she may need to see a 'animal ophthalmologist' or need a biopsy...... Now I am considering pet insurance. I love our Diva but the vet expects immediate payment and is charging these fees for each follow up visit. Shouldn't the treatment work the first time and not the fifth? Then with each visit, she looks at the eye (which I can do....), see that it is still red and swollen (again, I can do this) her a few pills (which I cannot do).....hands me a bill and says: "see you next week."

And so, with my trips to the vet, there are two possibilities....

1. Diva has a major problem


2. The vet does not know what she is doing....

If she punts us to an ophthalmologist after the fourth visit, I am going to go ballistic....'cause I have no idea where to find a dog eye doctor! Does the doc use one of those Snellen charts to check her visual acuity? Does the dog have to get her pupils dilated and wear sun glasses until she gets home?

It's always an adventure...even when I do not leave home.

And so, I must prepare for Valentine's Day....with Diva's medical bills, we are talking about soup, crackers, and a Hershey's bar. Gone are the days of a candle light dinner, cards, and gifts. Yep, I am splurging this year and going to add almonds to the Hershey bar.


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