Friday, February 7, 2014

Sneaker IQ

Good warm morning...well sort of. The power went back on at 2pm yesterday with the smoke detectors alarming since the batteries were dead. That is the fun part of losing power. The smoke detectors ring (all 13 of them) at once until I run around and take the old batteries out. I had to return to BP Grandmom's to pick up my laptop and tablet after I disengaged the detectors. They continued to chirp while I was out. After buying new batteries, Tink and I reassembled the smoke detectors. And now I can go on...right?

Nope! The first floor heat is out again so I need my repairman to come to the house and fix what he did not fix last week. In the meantime, I have not been to my office at work in over a week....a blessing? Uh, no....I have things to do and have to get over there sooner or later. Unfortunately, it is going to be later, 'cause I am still waiting for my phone call from the repairman. This is part of the joy of owning a home. 'Nuff said.

What's going on with the big kid? Not much. He called twice yesterday but he did not have news. I guess Psycho has not maimed anyone today. So, no news is good news.

Next week, the season begins in North Carolina. The team has not announced the travel squad nor the hotel locations. I am not worried about the kid traveling. Short of pulling a muscle, he is destined to play a great deal this spring. But I am worried about accommodations. I would like to stay in a hotel rather than my car. Trying to turn in the car is tough, so I prefer the comfort of a pillow and blanket in a room that has heat.

I am not asking much except for no extra creatures in the room such as my friends the bed bugs.

I am pretty confident that NC is just as cold as the northeast, so I am not sure why the school decided to start the season there. But there must be a method to their thinking....maybe....perhaps....

And so, with the impending season, I will make it my goal to find my lucky sneakers this weekend. Again, the sneakers are lucky for a reason. I purchased a new pair every season except last one and the big leftie had his worst season on the mound. Of course, he was returning from an injury, nonetheless, the sneakers may have had something to do with it. I cannot take any chances. Therefore, I will hit all stores in a twenty mile radius and two states. The goal is to find the sneakers that scream: "I am lucky!"

How do I know if the sneakers are screaming? It's intuition. Sneaker intuition...some people are blessed with this gift. That's my gift. I could have gotten beauty or intelligence...NOPE, I got sneaker IQ. I doubt if anyone is jealous over my sneaker IQ, but I must say that whenever I take an important test or have something big going on, I tie on my lucky sneakers and bingo! All is well.

Ok, time for me to actually get some work done. While at BP Grandmom's yesterday, I spent the day protecting Big Sis's dog from Diva. Diva does not like to play nice with other dogs since she is the Alpha dog, so I spent my day holding her and pulling her away from the other dog. Yep, my dog ruined my sweater with her nails as she barked incessantly at Big Sis's oh-so-gentle and puzzled pup. Where did I go wrong with this dog?

By the way, happy 90th birthday to Wildcat's momma! That's a milestone and it's time for cake!!!

Enjoy the day!

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