Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Good morning. It is the calm before the latest storm. NO one is happy, even the skiers and snow boarders. As we have been saying for the past two months....Sno mo snow!

With that said, I saw the forecast for the south and guess what? They are also getting some of the fluffy white stuff. This means that the fields are going to be covered with flakes and not players. My guess is that the NC baseball diamonds are not going to be ready for the opening day pitch. Although, no one is talking, I am keenly watching the forecast planning my escape from the northeast.....please, oh snow....Can we make a deal? Give us a foot of snow here and none in the south.

Is this plea about baseball? Heck no! I want out. O-U-T! No more. Done....had it....need a break in the action. No more slipping on the roads and on my driveway. Even though the body is not ready for warm weather, I can and will put on my shorts prematurely to feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the birds chirping, and feel a lovely gentle breeze and not a wind that turns the blood into an ice cube.

Am I asking too much?, be patient. All things work out for the best.

Ok, with this new found patience of mine, I am still planning BP mom's great southern adventure. My plans are simple.....I will clean out the BP mom-mobile, add all of my coats from minus 20 LL Bean to a fleece jacket. I have the hats in the back seat. My suit case is open and filled with necessities. I am heading to the grocery store for the bananas and apples. I also need granola bars and (dare I say it?) Skittles. The Skittles are for when I get tired and need a boost of sugar. That's's not like I need them to drive. The camera is charging, laptop will be packed along with my favorite blanket....then on Friday morning, I point the car south and leave the snow in my dust.

Will this actually happen? I am hopeful that the snow misses this part of the Carolinas and I can pull out of the icy driveway on my way to blue skies and palm trees and martinis. Yeah, that's it! Is this a dream? Uh, maybe....but once again, I am hopeful and will continue to plan as if I am headed out of here.

And so until my great escape, I have work to do. While I am gone, I will still be working as I have a magazine to publish by the end of the month. All of this can be done electronically with my right hand man, JJ. He will stay here in the northeast and hold done the fort while I feed him information from a Starbucks with Wifi from an undisclosed North Carolina or Georgia location.

Gotta go! Stay warm....

Oops. PS: LW and Dog were not on the schedule to travel with the team. It seems that LW skipped practice yesterday. As a result, he will stay in the frosty mountains having a beer with Dog as they try to figure out how to get back into CI's good graces.

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