Thursday, February 13, 2014

SB=Snow blower




Ok, now that I have vented about the weather, I am not going to complain but I have to say that I am 'oh so sad' that BP mom's great escape and adventure has been postponed until early next week. Yep, I had visions of climbing into the car, adjusting the seat and radio station, grabbing a grande pike from Starbucks, a granola bar, filling the tank, and zipping out of the weather and town. All the neighbors would see would be the back lights of the car as I motored south looking for a new venue. I am so ready...but the elements will not cooperate. I am trapped!

As of yesterday, the NC games have been postponed until Saturday. Yet, looking at the weather radar map, NC has 6 inches and there is no way that it will melt in time for the field to be ready for a Saturday game. yet according to the big kid today who called on his way to class, they are still going. It was an interesting conversation as he said for the first time in his life "I hope the series is cancelled this weekend. I do not want to die on the way to NC."

Profound statement. First, he wants the games cancelled. Never, ever has he asked for game cancellation. He lives to compete. As a grade schooler, there was a lightening storm, and he wanted to leave the house for a game. When I told him that the game was postponed, he screamed: "Why God? Why? Why me?" Yes, questioning God about the weather at such a young age.

His second statement of not wanting to die was actually what I was thinking. The team is going to take a 12 hour bus trip to NC. The route is from the mountains (where it is snowing), through PA, (where it is snowing), through Delaware (where it is snowing), and motoring through Virginia and NC (where it is snowing). A twelve hour trip can really become a two day trip. I am hopeful that the decision makers on both team's campuses make a proper decision to postpone the games until the ice melts. There is no reason to take a trip in weather that could cause an accident and hurt or possibly kill the passengers of a coach bus. it's not like these guys are needed for open heart surgery to save a dying infant. It's baseball for Pete's sake. Get this one right, coaches!

Here on the home front, I want to send a shout out to Uncle P who dropped off a birthday cake for dad's from the office and a snow blower! Yes! A snow blower. Dad told Uncle P that I suggested the exorbitant snow fall was due to our broken snow see.....fade to black....

When we lived in the old house, dad and two other neighbors bought a snow blower together after winters of shoveling out. These three guys had it. No more shoveling...'we're too old...' blah, blah, blah....with that said, they bought a keen Sears snow blower when it went on sale at the end of one season.

The snow blower sat in our garage collecting dust for two years since we did not have a significant snow fall. Remembering this phenomenon and having a broken snow blower, I said to dad: "You know you have the power to stop this weather madness. Get the @$U$$%() snow blower fixed and the snow will stop. Get it! NOW!"

He told Uncle P of our conversation and he had enough. And so, late last night, Uncle P dropped of a snow blower knowing that this device may have unique power over nature to end the snow. And so, I am testing my theory this week as dad gets ready to start the new blower and hit the drive way. I am confident that I may have touched upon something that may factor in to all weather reports. As they report on Punxatawny Phil and his shadow, there may be a news team outside our garage door waiting for an active snow blower to blow away the seasonal snow falls. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, I will go back to work and edit my magazine.

It's time to catch up on my work as I watch Tink and dad clear the driveway with the gas powered snow blower. He does have gas for it...right?

Stay warm!

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