Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Good morning. I am going to say it so that Mother Nature believes it....

"Hi Mother Nature.....just want you to know that I love the cold weather and the snow. The beautiful white trees and icicles dripping off the house are magnificent. Actually, I love it as the frigid air nips at my nose as I pull out my back muscles from lifting ten pounds of snow with each shovel full of snow flakes; this only enhances the experience of gazing at the pretty snow as it lays waiting on my driveway to be removed to a mounting hill next to the edge. With a broken snow blower and my strongest child away at college, I am enjoying these daily exercises as I use my knees and elbows beyond their capability to endure any more pain. Further, I am pretty confident that Diva is enjoying her tiny patch of frozen grass as she cannot understand where her bathroom went. Lastly, with the cold temperatures, my heating system continues to work sporadically which means that I can see my frozen breath inside and outside....Thank you again for such an interesting winter. I look forward to spending more time with you and the snow as I sit on the frozen stands at the baseball games. As Gaga sings: "I was born to survive..."

There. Someone had to say it. If I hear "I hate snow" one more time, I am going to vomit. Yes, we now loathe the almost weekly snow storms. We, as a people in the northeast, tolerate snow. But if we liked it, we would be living in Minnesota, Maine, or Chicago. As Buddy and dad create their escape plans to the south, I try to tell them that it is cold there too. This has me fearful for the citrus fruits in Florida since they, too, have had their share of frosty weather.

All I can say is Tink's CRV is the most amazing car to drive in the snow. I drove over snow mounds, ice, rocks, garbage cans, and perhaps people (who knows?) with it as I motored home from errands. By the way, it seems Dr. G is doing pretty well after his procedure. He is safe in his home with his X Box, remote control, fire place, and pot of chili. Now that sounds like a nice time.

No big news on the big leftie except, they too had a snow storm yesterday. He called home last night and reported that the team was going to practice outside today. Really? CI is taking the guys outside to do hills in the snow? Brilliant. It seems that he received a report that the guys were skipping classes. He does not tolerate this. Although with their fatigue, who can blame them. Someone whispered the other night at the dinner, that there could be some violations. Who knows? All I know is that my child is mentally and physically exhausted, testy, and nervous. I don't think that this is a good way to start the season, but I am not a highly paid coach, so what do I know?

Nothing....except, I love snow.....


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