Monday, February 24, 2014


Happy birthday Uncle closet sibling in age is now a speed can figure this one out.
He has an intense work ethic and funny sense of humor. He signed a card to me at Christmas "To Bob from Betty" (A little White Christmas nod) that had me howling. Now I call him Betty, so happy day to my lil bro, Betty.

I also want to send a shout out to BP Grandpop who has been in the hospital and is recovering from 'something'. There is no definitive diagnosis yet, so we keep our fingers crossed and pray. BP Grandmom has been staying day and night at the hospital. This is commitment, gang. When I return home, I can take the night shift for her so that she can get some well deserved rest. Although, any time that I offer, she turns me down.  Hey, Pop! Get better! Hey Mom! Get some rest!

Where has the time gone? My great I 95 adventure is coming to a close. And yes, it has been an adventure. How so?

Well, I now know where every Hampton Inn is located along the I 95 corridor. I also know that there are no Starbucks located on I 95 throughout North and South Carolina (business opportunities abound). Lastly, I would rather drive through torrential downpours than snow as I encountered buckets of rain during the South Carolina to Florida portion of the journey (on the way and back, too! sheesh).

As far as my reflection on the games, the team was definitely man handled on Friday night to the point of embarrassment. With the score lopsided, the team had at least 7 errors (5 behind my son). Twitter was alive during this period and I will share some of the tweets....

1. "The team was seen in the local sub shop after the game, hope they don't drop their sandwiches"
2. "Where is the team staying? These guys are hawt"
3. "Pitcher did everything he could do to end the inning; his fielders wanted to stay and play."
4. "Standing next to players in elevator; swoon."

And swoon, they did. On the first night, there were quite a few team supporters, but by the second and third games, our side was full of the other team's coed supporters. In other words, the local Florida girls sat behind our dug out to watch the guys rather than the game. In fact, when the team did something good, they would stand up and cheer. Interestingly, there were wearing their school colors while supporting our team.

As a mom, I think that it is cute. As a university student, would I abandon my school team to cheer for the underdogs who happened to be cute guys? hmmm....possibly....uh, yeah.....probably.....University loyalty only goes so far; although I did marry a cute guy that I met in college.

On to the big kid....exhausted. That's the word of the weekend. He is taking 18 credits and struggling in the accounting course (yikes, don't tell dad). Dad suggested that he drops it and takes it this summer when he has more time. The kid's reply was "I don't quit." Maybe not, but let's put things into perspective. The schedule is overwhelming. They returned home from Florida at 2 am. He has a 9 am class and goes all day. This weekend, they head to Maryland, then California for a week. All of the travel, practices, and games interfere with being a student, which is not supposed to happen.

I took two of the pitchers to lunch on Saturday and both are having trouble keeping up with their studies to the point that Tonto is saying "forget it" and choosing to sleep rather than study. "I like sleep too much." Yeah, me too. But like my son, I cannot sleep when I have too much to do. It is a hazard of being an adult and a professional. Tonto, sleeping too much can cause a person to lose their job. Just a bit of advice from ole BPMom.

And so, today I have an afternoon Skype meeting then Tink and I hit I 95 again to start the trek home. I heard about the snow (oh joy!) coming and will choose to ignore it. I had terrific southern weather! As I sat in the stands on Saturday night, it was a warm evening with a cool breeze. All I could do was sit there and smile with this dopey grin on my face.....until our pitcher gave up five runs with two outs during the fourth inning.....then the wind shifted.....but the smile didn't....this was a gift for me.....

Onward and upward......remember if anyone wants to buy a Starbucks franchise and open it along the I 95 corridor in North and South Carolina, count me in. I will grab all of the change from the sofa and car and put my money in.


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