Saturday, March 1, 2014

Like 22

Hello! I would like to start with sending out my most heart felt condolences to friend Wildcat whose 90 year old mother passed away today. Six children and six grandchildren plus a lifetime of love and happiness..... May she rest in peace.

And now, I sit on the sofa babysitting Diva. I can't allow her to scratch her eyes, so I put the cone over her head. She can't relax with it, so I take the cone off and keep her on my lap. Where does my lap top go? I just had a Skype interview with a student with Diva in my lap. Is this professional? With all of the snow, I have been working at home and instead of meeting face to face with students, Skype has come in handy. What a great invention.

I also just signed up for a Twitter account to follow the baseball team. Since I did not travel to NC this weekend, I have the Game Tracker system on the computer and activated the Twitter account. I always said that I would not have a Twitter account, but some how, some way.....I have it. Just one more thing that I really do not need.

The team traveled to NC this weekend since the Maryland game has been snowed out. I had a Maryland trip in my system but did not have a NC trip. After taking three days to drive home from Florida, I was in no mood to grab the lucky sneakers, bag of Skittles, and stay at another Hampton Inn. I might regret this decision especially since the big kid is 22 years old today. That's right. My baby is 22 years old...sing it Taylor Swift!

I miss the early years of traveling with the little guy in the child's seat behind my driver's seat. For five years, he was my little buddy. We dropped Tink off at school, ran errands, shopped, played with his pals, and watched a number of Barney the Dinosaur shows. Every day, I went into the convenience store and bought a coffee and a little donut. The lady at the register called him Mikey, 'cause he looked like a Mikey.

Now Mikey is a big boy and celebrating his birthday not with his family but with his team mates. Here's hoping that the double headers are wins and he gets to pitch.

With that said, I have to put the cone back onto Diva's head. She is not keeping her paws out of her eyes. Sheesh.....poor dog....


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