Monday, March 3, 2014


Good light snowy morning. It's not so bad today...just a few inches...not the blizzard that the news team had been projecting. Snow...snow....more snow....yuk

Yesterday, Auntie Blue Devil had the real BP momma/auntie experience....will he pitch? is he warming up? Why isn't he in? What the heck? She sat in the cold weather, watched an entire game, and wants to see her kid play! What an experience...the highs....lows...lows....lows...highs...lows...lows....lows...

And so, he spent an entire weekend with the team in NC and did not play. As dad says: "It's a long season." Yet, I understand his frustration. If he does not play, he cannot improve. if he does not improve, then he does not achieve his goal.

Here's the reality....his ultimate goal is in the hands of a mad man. He is powerless to do anything about it. He sits and waits for his opportunity. When he had it last week, there were 6 fielding errors behind him. Again, he has no power except to try to field the ball himself. But he cannot play first base, second base and short stop as well as pitch. It's impossible, so he has to learn to not let himself get upset about the powerlessness of the situation. But I understand it completely. He is doing his part, yet he is not getting his opportunity.

With that said, all he can do to stay sane is to stay positive, throw each ball like it is his last, and keep calm. This experience will serve to help him in the future.

Time to take Tink to work. Enjoy the day!

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