Friday, March 7, 2014

California Dreaming: NOT!

I am done making plans. Done....done...done....really done! Why? Well....fade to black....

The minute I clicked "publish" on yesterday's blog, I began to smell a burned oil scent on the second floor of the house. I said to myself, "Hey, this is not a nice odor...pungent....stinky....a fire perhaps?" And so, I investigated and went from room to room to find the source of the odor. Could not find a thing...and so.....

I called George, my heating guy back to the house. Rather than getting George, Vinny arrived. Naturally, he could not smell the burnt odor. Calling me a liar? Nope, he went to the basement and immediately discovered the source....

Yep, the upstairs heating unit's motor burned out and leaked oil., not nice! Bad! OK, Vinny, what's the damage?

Vinny took a deep breath...."well, you need a new motor. I have to go and get it. I'll be here an hour and half installing....$550.00."

"Vinny, you better tell me that this thing is under warranty since it is only 5 years old."

"Uh, your warranty ran out in July."

Rats! Double rats! Triple rats! That money was supposed to be my air fare to the coast. Remember, I was California dreaming yesterday and packing my bag and sunscreen. No sooner did I get the information off Orbitz, did my heating unit blow up oil and other crud. What the heck? This has nothing to do with Mother Nature...or does it?

After all, we have had the heat on non stop while nature snowed and blew frosty winds on us. Maybe I can blame Mother Nature. OK, I will.

It looks like my adventure is postponed unless I hit the scratch off lotto ticket . Crud! Double crud!! Triple crud!!!

Should I complain? After all, I have a roof over my head, a new motor in the heating unit, and a dog whose eye is still swollen and in need of another trip to the eye doctor. Oh yeah, new car brakes are on their way. No complaints. After all, it would have been oh so cool to go to California, but I have to be realistic and hang out at the house with a dog that looks like a cyclops.

No worries....I'll get a blow by blow description of the games from the big kid who will pepper the events with his own unique spin.

The first game is tonight at 7 pm west coast time. Go team!

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  1. That's too bad. Instead of enjoying the hot California sun watching baseball, you're stuck paying for a motor that's supposed to keep you warm on winter. Well, I guess if you have a choice on going to California or being warm all winter long, I'd pick the latter in a heartbeat. Perhaps next year?
    Duane Simpson @