Monday, March 10, 2014

Mentally prepared

Good morning! It's sweater weather in the northeast. Don't tell anyone. It mimght get around that we are not shoveling snow.

How is the big guy? Well, I would say 'salty' since he did not pitch this weekend. He also remains frustrated because the coaches are not talking to him (and vice versa). Tomorrow night, they are starting a freshman pitcher. Talk about an insult. he is rip roaring angry. And therefore, he calls home and dad and I did 'rock, paper, scissors' over whom was going to answer the phone. I won!

As they spoke, I could hear that he was not pleased, then dad told him to get a grip and wait. be patient. Go eat. End of conversation.

An hour later, dad called him back and they were able to have a more therapeutic conversation about  the wait. he continued to say: "You will get your chance. be mentally prepared." Dad is right, of course. He will get his chance. it is coming this week.Don't let your emotions ruin the opportunity because he has to be in the right frame of mind when he is given the ball. Sheesh.

I get it. I understand what it is like to be a bridesmaid and not the bride. I actually prefer a role in the background. For example, I would rather be a Pip than Gladys Knight

....a Chipmunk rather than Alvin.

But my kid wants to be Gladys and Alvin. So, with this type of need and temperament, he needs constant reassurance for putting himself out there on the mound. The coaches are not satisfying this need so he has to get it from someone else (that would be his folks).

As I listened to the conversation, I could also hear dad say: "You are tough and have the right attitude. Anyone who has gone through what you have would have packed it in. But you did not quit. You are not a quitter." He's right. The kid had mono that sent him to the hospital, Lyme disease, and shoulder surgery. Yet, he can still throw a 90 mph fast ball. This is toughness. This is 'tude. This is a guy who needs a bit more patience, then 'boom'! He's there. He's ready. He needs a chance. It is coming...sooner than patinet. Do not be defeated before you get your chance. Hang in there. We believe in you. The the coaches will take all of the credit....


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