Thursday, March 27, 2014


Good morning! Poor Diva is sitting on my lap with her cone on her head and eye looking nasty. I cannot imagine what it is like to have a plastic thing around my head affixed to my neck. This has got to be torture.

On to other issues in the mountains....The leftie pitched yesterday with his new 'tude and walked the first batter in four pitches. Yikes! However, he pitched to four more batters and had no problems. Further, his velocity was way up.

What does this mean for breaking into the line up? I don't know but he has a meeting scheduled with the coaches today and will plead his case. He also will 'play the game' with them acknowledging the impact of their coaching on his renewed game and how grateful he is that they are taking the time to work with him....


Ok, let's call is what we need to call it.....he is playing politics because he knows that they are standing between him and the mound. So, if he has to mow the lawn, he will do it. If they tell him to cut his hair, he will do it. If they tell him to eat oatmeal, he will do it.

He has come a distance from Sunday when he was packing his bags and looking to juice up the Silver Bullet and drive it home. Once he calmed down, he knew what he had to do. Did the beast help? I doubt it. He is a strong guy, so, he figured it out on his own.


When I met with friend, Big Girl, to discuss coaches, my question to her was simple: "Are all college and professional coaches like this?" Once I shared examples with her, she was appalled but not surprised. Her sons told her that this was an anomaly, although the middle son (Lil C) has been pushed around the football field quite a bit. He also attends Buddy's school.


They met up with each other yesterday to share horror stories. I can see the both of them sharing a brew or two exchanging crazy coach stories. This is the little guy (OK, now he is 6'6") who sold ice pops with the kids in front of the house one hot summer afternoon. They made quite a bit of money, then quit, counted their cash, and ate the rest of the pops.Consequently, there were quite a few stomach aches.

BG's advice is on what they want you to do. Keep your head down. Don't say a word. Bullies will attack you in a personal manner, so tell them nothing.

This is the new mantra...say nothing....head down...breathe....yes coach.....does this go against a competitor's sensibilities? Uh, yeah....but the coaches have what he wants, so he had to play the game. This is also true with Big Girl's middle son, Lil C. It is amazing how the guys are bonding over their disdain for their coaches. While in California, the big leftie hung out with another big name D1 baseball team who were staying at their hotel. These guys also discussed their hatred for their coaches while hanging out at the pool. It's amazing what a person finds out if he or she asks.

This is why, dad and I are constantly hounding him about speaking to the coaches face to face. Come on, dude, if you want it, go and get it. But...keep your head down....mouth shut....nothing personal in the what they tell you to do.

Blech...why can't we all just rest on our hard work ethic and results? Politics....that's why....


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