Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Home Opener

Good morning. Tink and I returned early this morning from attending the home opener last night. The game was everything that I thought it would Well....

I was completely prepared for the weather or so I thought as we loaded the car with the heavy coats, gloves, blankets, and hand warmers. The game time temperature was 45 degrees. While sitting at the game, they announced that if the temperature stayed below 55 during the game, we could bring our ticket to the campus diner and get a free cup of coffee. Nice. The offer is good for seven days. What a bonus.

As Tink and I walked through the gates, the coeds in front of us were stopped by the security guards. "You can't bring the sunflower seeds and peanuts in." The girls flipped their hair back and started their cute-college girl with tight pants and Uggs repertoire. "Oh please...we don't have any money for the concessions...." Head tilt....sweet smile.....The security guard were smitten with the hair and tight jeans, and told them to place the goodies under their coats and not be seen.

Now, this is hypocritical! Last year, they took my Kashi bar from me as I tried to enter. I, too, had tight jeans on....OK, perhaps they were tight from too many Skittles....nonetheless, they were tight. And my hair did blow back, 'cause it was windy. Sheesh. No one told me to try to squeeze the Kashi bar into my already too tight pants. This is discrimination!

Ok, I'm over it. We found our seats. NO Kashi bar or peanuts....just some Tic Tacs in Tink's coat pocket.

As the game began, who was on the mound? LW! Yep. He was skewered on Friday night and stripped of his starting role in front of the team, YET he was the starting pitcher. Seriously? This is somewhat hypocritical, huh? Or is it the coaches way of demoralizing a player then at the brink of despondence, they become the player's savior and allow him to throw. So if they are willing to let LW pitch, why not my kid?

The team that they played was from NY. Honestly, they were built like a high school team. The lead off batter was tiny. He came up to Big Red, the catcher's nipple line and he was one of the tallest players. With that said, the home team won. Yet, it was a win that was joyless.

The reason I say this is that they should have killed this team 20-0. Instead, they won 7-3. Coaches are happy, yet from my viewpoint, the team was so inept, the score should have been more lopsided. This means that the home team is really really bad. There were three pitchers in the game, the big leftie was not one of them. He would have dominated this team. I am clueless as to why the coaches don't see it.

LW pitched three. The next kid who entered the game pitched over the weekend. He gave up two runs. When he came off the field, the coaches congratulated him and called him tough. Huh? BP Grandmom could have struck these players out with her sore shoulder. Diva could have struck them out and she only has one eye. This kid gave up two runs to a very bad team. Are we watching the same game? Apparently not.

The next pitcher had some trouble with command, but since he also plays on the weekend, he figured it out. Again, he gave up a run and was also called tough. I give up trying to figure it out.

At dinner, I spoke at length with the big kid. I said to him: "Your high school team could have beaten this team." He agreed. Then he shared with me a few more tidbits of information.

The coach called him out on his personality and told him that he was 'phony.' Huh? He also said that the coach made sure that the documentary team (the one from the Communications department who was doing an internship) followed him into the locker room after the game so that he could give his post game congratulations on a tough win speech. Once again, the coach is a hero.

As Tink and I stood in line to collect our tickets before the beginning of the game, there were two guys wearing the coach's tee shirt that he created with his name on it. I asked Buddy about it since I figured the coach must have been giving them out for free. His response was "Nope, those guys bought the shirt." Ew. I might buy one and clean my toilets with it. A bit mean spirited? Naw, the shirt looks absorbent.

We spoke more at dinner in Wegman's cafeteria. He looked tired, sad, and tan. The tan part generated less sympathy from me. He is still trying to figure out life and how to get back into the line up.

Then it happened. I had to make him feel better and what better way than with comfort food therapy. I then pulled out his birthday cake...a big fat-laden smooth cheesecake made with love in the BP mom kitchen. I grabbed two forks, no knife, and said 'dig in.' As we dug our forks into the cake,  momma began to speak.....and were like the Golden Girls....

"I know that you are upset, but your turn will come. They will be on their knees begging you to help them. This is what happened in your freshman year and high school. No one knew until you entered the game, then boom....boom....boom..."

"You did not want to play against this team. They were awful. Does it matter in the stats that you struck out three high school players? nope. Scouts read the stats. They will think more of a player who strikes out the conference players as opposed to these meaningless games at the beginning of the season. All of these guys now have inflated egos, but they are not thinking ahead. They cannot and will not make a dent against any conference team. As such, they will go down the depth line during a crisis, then figure they have nothing to lose by putting you in."

"You go into the game and stop the hemorrhaging. Suddenly, they are aware of what they have with you. So, be prepared. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Be patient. Your day is coming and you will shine."

As one quarter of the cheesecake disappeared, I knew two things....One, I had to stop talking. Two, I had to stop eating.

And with that thought, I put down my fork and he spoke.

"They will regret it. My book will sell big and they will want to sue me, but I have witnesses. Also, I will send them copies with an inscription....$#^(* U a."

OK, plotting revenge may get you through the next few weeks, but let me tell you one more thing that I know for sure. Rather than expending negative energy on something that you cannot control, expend positive energy on something that you can control. You are destined for something big. I can feel it. I know it. So, put your energy into your gifts and empty your mind of bad thoughts. Lastly, there is justice. Everything will level off and you will be the cream that rises to the top.

Do I say this because he is my kid? No. I actually believe it. I see the gifts, work ethic and skill. Given a chance, he can turn the team around. At this point, the coaches think that they have the answers. They could not be more wrong. Until then, I will continue to sit in the stands and watch the implosion.


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