Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No whine zone

Good morning! There is not much going on. The snow is still on the ground. We continue to wear heavy sweaters and boots and it seems that the entire country is miffed about the weather. Nothing to complain about....I think...

Well, the team is preparing for its great California adventure. Sadly, I will not be traveling for this one....unless we have a sudden windfall and win the Powerball. With the new car brakes and the prospect of sending the big kid to Illinois this summer to play ball, it is best that I stay home and listen to the game on the computer. Gee, I would have loved to go, but I have to be realistic. My sofa cushions and pocketbook have a limited amount of change in them. Definitely not enough to pay for airfare and accomodations.

And so, I hang out in the comfort of my home and put warm soaks on Diva's eyes to alleviate the redness and swelling.

Yep, her eyes are still red and swollen and she hates that cone. But, the swelling has gone down, so the doggie eye doctor has earned her money....We will know more when we take her back on Monday for her check up.

So, as the team prepares for the week, the kid had a bullpen session yesterday with his coach and did quite well. He is still frustrated about not playing this weekend, but who can blame him? When he texted me while on the bus, I decided not to attend his pity party and RSVPed 'no'. I would not be sucked into agreeing with 'whoa is me.'

As I said to him yesterday, he has the life that 99.9% of the country, meals, part of an exclusive team, baseball cards made with his image, score board with his face on it, broadcasters looking for trivia about him to share with the listeners. Also, he is the big man on campus as he is stared at when he walks into a room. He also has his first stalker. This is huge for a young man. And so, I chose not to commiserate rather I socked him between the eyes (in a figurative sense).

"I didn't play."...Yeah, so.

"I'm not coming back for a 5th year."....OK

"This guy is nuts..." ...Uh huh

Silence. Are you ready?


"You have been blessed with the athleticism that men and women crave. You are on a division 1 team. You are tall, handsome, and intelligent. You have experiences that you will never forget. The girls in Florida and Iowa love you and your team and search for your hotel on Twitter. You are on the Dean's List. You have met people who can make a difference in your life as you leave baseball. What is the misery? If you want to play more, you have to work with the guy. That's it. Figure it out. Later."


And so, I left the motherly 'oh, honey...everything will be fine....' in the back seat of the car. I am tired of the whining about fatigue and no one understanding him. This is the life that he has chosen. He could have said: "I am majoring in pre law" and joined the frisbee team. But, no...he wanted this life. Well, dude, you got it. Now put on your big boy pants and let's get going.

Work with Psycho. Do what he wants. Stop complaining. AND...MOST IMPORTANTLY:

Enjoy this journey, because it will be over soon and you do not want to look back on it and say: "I wish that I took the time to appreciate what I had..."

By the way, he now has decided on his walk out song...some Marky Mark song. I have attached it for your personal enjoyment (or not).


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