Friday, March 28, 2014

A Box of Wine and Redneck Wine Glass

Good morning! I just heard this song sung by Phillip Phillips (who would double name their son like this? Sheesh....)

When life leaves you high and dry
I'll be at your door tonight
If you need help, if you need help.
I'll shut down the city lights,
I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe
To make you well, to make you well.

When enemies are at your door
I'll carry you away from more
If you need help, if you need help.
Your hope dangling by a string
I'll share in your suffering
To make you well, to make you well.

Boy, do these lyrics ring true in this house..........

It is going to rain all weekend, therefore, I am hanging out at home with my computer to watch the games. Although Saturday and Sunday's games will be broadcasted on network television. Oh joy! I can sit in my family room, eat carrot sticks (still dieting... although the cake that I had for breakfast was terrific), and watch closely for the kid's number to be called.

There are multiple advantages to the broadcast such as.....

I do not have to travel with my game supplies which take up my entire car. The Skittles are in the cooler in the garage and  I can access them and my Kashi bars without them being confiscated by the guys at the gates.

I will not be saturated from sitting in the rain, therefore, I can sit with slippers and pj's on, if I desire.

I won't be traveling 6 hours round trip to sit in the rain and wait until the 9th inning of the third game to see my son throw.

I can sit in the comfort of my home with the dog on my lap and the ability to turn the game off, which I won't, because I always stay until the bitter end or last out. This is what a momma does.

The negatives are also numerous such as not being able to see the big guy in person especially if he needs to decompress or speak to someone he can trust. Yesterday he shared that the team had to be on the field at 7:30 to pull the tarp. When he asked if it was am or pm, the coach looked at him and told him to 'stop complaining'. I loved this one, 'cause I happen to know when people are complaining and he was not.

Admittedly, I was once the biggest whiner in town. Then I saw the light, so to speak....actually it was one of the cooks in a restaurant where I waitressed schooled me. He sarcastically said: "Yep, you are the only one who got up early to serve breakfast. No one else..." Hey, I was out until 3 am.....give a girl a break.....Then a colleague at work asked me how I was doing and I said...."Work, work, work...exhausted..." She looked at me and said: "Oh, are you the only person working?" I believe that her statement was also full of sarcasm.... Yeah, both were/are right. We are all in this together. Whining or complaining does not help but often dampens the spirit. So, I learned to shut my mouth and not complain. It doesn't do anything anyway except give a person the nickname of Wendy Whiner or Debbie Downer.  

Back to the weekend series, if need be, I will go to campus and hang out for a game or three. Yet, I do not think that he will be playing unless there is a lopsided score. After yesterday's coach conversation, the coach still feels that he does not throw enough strikes but is improving. Mind you, he does walk a fair number, but he always gets out of it without a score, hence his low ERA but higher on base percentage. Yesterday, one of the coach's golden boys was nailed for 6 runs. I guess that he was throwing strikes as evidenced by the number of hits and runs against him.

Look, I am not anti-coach. I am not in the locker room or field. I wish all of them the best that life has to offer. All I know is what I see and what is reported to me. What I do understand is that the coaches are often inappropriate with their praise and criticism. They seek to hurt and demoralize the guy in order to motivate him. My kid is not the only one to be on the end of the criticism. They are all being humiliated in some way or another. Morale is low and now conference play begins.

When he pitched on Wednesday in the scrimmage, he hit 90.  The only person to notice was his catcher. Yes, he went back to the Pitching Doctor's program and his arm feels great. The other arms on the team seem to be suffering and it is only March. What is going to happen by the end of April? His friend, Dip, commented that his personal velocity was down and asked the big leftie if he wanted to throw weighted balls together. Buddy then said that he left his stuff at home (a lie) and did not have time for it. In other words, he could not even tell his friends that he was back on the PD's regimen for fear of reprisals. This is bad when a person is fearful of confiding in a friend. What kind of team do we have here? Oh, I know...every man for himself.....

With that said, game time tonight is 5 pm. I will have the game on and will not move until it is over. Perhaps it will be time to crack open the box of wine. If things are truly bad, I will forgo the redneck wine glass given to me by BD and just turn the spout into my mouth.

Have a great day! TGIF!

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