Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time to reflect

Greetings...the rain is holding off. However, today's game was moved to 10 am. Last night started conference play and the team was playing a team that was worse than them. They won with the use of 5 pitchers, none of them were my guy. Yes, the walk on freshman was used before him.

Talk about a slap in the face. I am now pretty sure that the coach does not like him as opposed to respect him as a player. What do I mean? Well, if he respected his pitching skills, he would play him no matter what. At this point, throwing 5 guys and never asking him to even warm up indicates to me that this will be a long season.

If it were me, I would be ready to walk, He pitches to 4 guys in a scrimmage each week. How is his command going to return? He was told at  the beginning of the season that he has the best stuff on the team. Further, his fast ball is topping at 90 without pitching much, can you imagine how fast it would be if he spent more time on the mound?

They claim that he is not mentally tough. So he sits. However, if anyone reads this blog, he or she knows that this kid has overcome so much in his career, most guys would have packed it in. Some of the players who are in his boat, have begun to let it ride, so to speak. They are biding their time until the end of the season, because they know that they will not hit the field. Nice, huh?

And so, he took our advice and asked the coach were he stood in the rotation since he needed clarification. As a result of the conversation, he dropped on the depth chart. There is no way that he will approach him again, ever. The pitching coach is even more unapproachable. And so, he the bullpen...waits for the chance....that may come or not.


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