Monday, March 10, 2014

You can take my close up now

Hellooo! Another big day in the BP mom household. Why?

Well....I took Diva to her eye doctor appointment today (alone). She clawed and scratched all the way in the car. She moved onto my lap then somehow kept changing the radio station. That's right. Her paw landed on top of the channel changer on the steering wheel and the stations kept moving. She's nuts. So am I for taking her alone, but I had no choice. Anyway, the doctor is not happy with the way that the eye looks and therefore, we are pouring on the treatment. More warm soaks....24/7 cone on the head....steroids....more antibiotics....poor pooch! We got to lick this one...before the eye doctor punts us to another specialist.

The big kid called. He and his posse are touring San Fransisco today. They hit Fisherman's Wharf and a few other notable places. In other words, they are having a blast. Then it is off to Fresno. "Mom, there's nothing there." Oh, can't be like San F where Tony Bennett left his heart. No, it's just Fresno. Well, if a college is there, there has to be something to do during the off hours. Was he complaining? Nope. It seems that the boys really enjoyed SF, although they blew through their meal money in the first day. It seems that food is pricey there. Yes, my son, it is expensive, so don't order the crab!

He seems to be calmer than Sunday. Perhaps he is starting to figure life out. Then again, probably not. I feel for him, but if this is what he wants, the bad comes along with the good. So, be patient.

Dad and I watched Captain Phillips last night. There were so many issues with the plot. For example, if they knew that there were pirates, then why was he so far off course?  A good captain would have steered the ship away from danger. Also, why didn't he travel with the other ships? The pirates do not attack ships in quantity. Lastly, why oh why did 4 skinny pirates overtake a very large vessel with 20 crewmen on it? That really did not make sense. Didn't anyone have a gun knowing that there were pirates out there? What about pouring hot water or oil over the deck onto their boat? Come on people! There are so many holes in the plot that it cannot be true. And if it is, then we have a problem with the shipping industry. Am I the only thinking this thing through? Would I have taken my ship into the waters where the Somali pirates were? Am I crazy? Don't answer that! I am glad that I did not see it in the movie theater. Although, Tom Hanks, as always, was terrific.

If Hollywood wanted to make a movie about BP momma and her journey to heck and back with her boy, I would want Tom Hanks to play dad. Yeah, that would work. They are roughly the same age and hair line.

I am not sure who would play me....maybe Selena Gomez!


Nah, she would be better as Tink. Oh, I know, Cate Blanchette could dye her hair and be me. Can she play suburban housewife who has a psycho dog and has a penchant for cake and Skittles and likes to Zumba? Sure, she can do anything.

Ok, for the director, let's look at Marty Scorsese. He's not busy, right?


Now we have problems with the big leftie....who can play his role....hmmm.. a quandary....Brad Pitt...too old....Maddox Pitt-Jolie...too young....


Taylor What's-his-name from the Vampire movies....He was a werewolf.....uh, I forget his name, but he is kind of cute.....Taylor.....ahhhh....I know his name, but I don't. He dated Taylor Swift, right?


Geez, I know that piece of useless trivia but not his name. Oh well. There you have it. The cast of the impending movie: "The Bullpen Mom Story"......we will start production as soon as the season is over and the kid has been drafted by a MLB team...or not.....

Then we can remake the story for Mama Mia....


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