Monday, March 31, 2014

Hard work means something

Good morning! Long day...short post....we begin with Diva's trip to see her eye doctor and end with a long afternoon meeting....

With that said, the big kid really surprised me yesterday. I thought that he would be devastated after the deactivation on Saturday and rain out yesterday.  I know that he was peeved about Saturday, but yesterday, he was up and happy. He found an old video of his pitching from freshmen year....reviewed it....thought about what he was doing wrong today....fixed it in the pitching cage after all of the players and coaches left for the day.

Yes, he was throwing to tinker with his mechanics. This is fascinating....this is why this guy has what it takes to succeed whether it is in baseball or life. I have never met a person so passionate and focused on his goals than this guy.

He wants this career so bad, he can taste it. Last night at dinner, dad and I discussed how he has far surpassed our expectations. What do I mean by that? Well, as a kid, he wanted to play he made the elementary school team....had good success.....then he made the high school varsity team....was overlooked for years ....then boom...bam...All State....smashed records....nice....recruiting....then he eyes D1....nice goal. Dad said to him "your baseball will get you into a college that you have desired but would not have been admitted without it." He was right. The big kid's grades were marginal yet his fast ball was knock out. And so, the college coach called in a chip and he was admitted to his university....he had some success in his freshman year then was injured...the rest is history....

On to today....I figured that he would say "Screw it..." and move on. Nope....all a person has to do is say "you cannot do this" and he will prove them wrong. He could have left the field yesterday, gone to the library, hung out with the boys, and played video games....Nope....he stayed, moved his right leg and carved out the plate.

Where did he get this passion? Hmmm...well, we see his dad working 7 days/week from 7 a to 9p during tax season as well as other times of the year. Me? Eh, well....not so much...oh sure, I have a few extra degrees and a sweet job, but my role had always been to support dad and to care for my tykes....which I did. I was there for them all the time despite having a full time job. Teaching in a college environment gives a person a great deal of personal flexibility. First, I had to earn my status through jumping through lots of hoops like taking tests, doctorate, good teaching evaluations, service, and so on. All of the work was worth it as I considered myself a full time mother versus educator (don't tell my boss). Most of the kids' friends and parents had no idea that I even worked, because I never talked about myself....boring....the focus is on the kids and their development not me. Too egotistical....

Back to the big I have no idea where he gets these big I kid, I was going to be a rock star until I discovered that I could not sing or play an instrument....on to other dreams...yep, I was going to have 20 kids like the Yours, Mine and Ours starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Well reality took over my insane mind and if you subtract 18 kids, you have my family. I thought about being a cop, but they get shot at....cross that one off the list....I thought  about elementary school teacher, but then I started to dislike little kids from my babysitting adventures. So, I nixed that one. Then I decided that I wanted to work at a store. I loved cash registers. My neighbor worked in the store and I watched her ring up the items. That was cool.....Are you getting the picture that I am not the reason why my son is insanely responsible about his choice of professions? He mastered this one on his own. My assistance was to drive him around town, wash his uniforms, throw a WaWa hot dog at him when he was hungry, and buy his cleats.

As he looks back on this adventure, he might be grateful to his folks, not because we motivated him, but because we gave him the opportunity to follow his dream. I will never take any kind of credit for where he lands, because his drive and ambition are something that he cultivated on his own. In other words, all I did was hang out in the stands and wait for him to enter the game from the bullpen.

And, whether he makes it to the pros or not, there will be no regrets because he did his best and will not look back and say that he should have worked harder....

OK, 'nuff said...time to take Diva to her appointment.



  1. Your son is an inspiration. Injury is really a devastating turn of events in an athlete’s life. It can end their career in a snap. Some can’t handle it well, but it’s good to know that your son is not one of them. He still focused himself on his goals. With his high-spirited attitude, there’s no doubt that he’ll make it and wear his team uniform.

    Jennine, Uniforms Express

  2. Thanks Jennine....I think that he is brave and a whole lotta crazy too. Thanks for the kind words.