Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And so it begins....

It's the day before we leave for Florida and once again, we are never in a good position. Last year, we did not know that the big kid was going on the trip until the day before they left. Today, we know that he will be there but his shoulder's health is in question. Last night he called the house after I passed out but dad answered the phone. From my recumbent position, I could hear: "It still hurts? A burning pain? What about the long toss? it hurts too? We need another opinion. Who is not going on the Florida trip? That's nasty!

OK, I was not totally asleep, but I could decode out the following information:
1. someone unexpected has been told to stay home and will not fly to Florida (ouch)
2. the shoulder is still painful
3. he is not throwing accurately or with strength
4. he is nervous about the impending future
5. the college doctors have not created a decent plan for healing the shoulder
6. it's time to head to Fatima or Lourdes and go for a miracle healing.

My impression is as always a bit of home spun remedies as well as state of the art medicine. First, he needs to rest it. He is no longer eligible for a medical red shirt which means that he sits out for the season without losing eligibility. So, we move to plan B, which is to hit the internet and library and check out alternative therapies. I will do some research and check out the balms, tree roots, or flower petals to see if anything combined with conventional therapies would minimize the inflammation and of course is approved by the NCAA. Perhaps we have overlooked something small that would be of great value.

I remember when Chase Utley had tendonitis. It took months of therapy for it to heal. But once it healed, he was 100%. Poor Buddy is not a professional and is always fighting for a spot and chance to prove himself. The ego can be fragile and he needs to pitch to boost it. From what I understand tendonitis can take longer to heal than a broken bone.

And so, we are off to Florida where I will help with therapy...not the physical kind, but work on his head. Last year, we went on the trip and he pitched to one guy. Hopefully he can pitch to two guys this year. Naturally, I will have the camera in my hand and my lucky sneakers on my feet. Let's go team!

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