Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Hello! It's Valentine's day....so what? Does anyone really need to spend money on a card or some flowers that are going to die in a few days? And for what? So that your significant other can show the world that he or she loves you? As far as I'm concerned, it's a bogus holiday. Cynical, maybe? Perhaps....

This is the way I look at it....if once a year, my family or friends told me that they loved me, then I would be fairly upset. Valentine's Day is a state of mind....a perspective...a way of life. What? once a year, someone says "I love you?" and that's enough? Nope...not in BP mom's world....tell me now and not every February.

Tell me that you love me in January after I shoveled knee-high snow and am laying on the sofa with an ice pack on my back begging for Motrin, Tylenol or a Merlot. I want to be told that I am loved on Groundhog's Day when Phil the rodent does not see his shadow and the snow is piled high against the house and I am wearing the same sweat pants for three days straight. And in March, when I have the flu and have tissues stuffed up my nostrils, tell me that I have never looked better.

And by the way, in April when I have my Easter dress on that looks like the fabric from my grandmother's sofa, tell me that I am the most lovable person in the brunch line. Yeah...tell me that I am the one that you want to spend your whole life with in May when I put the shorts on for the first time and I cannot pull the zipper up to the top. And in June, when we hit the beach and the bathers are 6 sizes smaller than me, tell me then that I am especially beautiful. When I am perspiring in July and my legs are stuck to the car seat and have to be manually extracted, I really need to be told that your love for me knows no bounds. In August, when I am sobbing when my son returns to college and my eyes are swollen shut, I will not only need a hug but probably a new wardrobe. And in September when I am adjusting to a quieter house, I will need someone to stop, look at me, and whisper: "You're the greatest..."

It's now Halloween and I no longer need a costume or mask to scare the kids, I will be so grateful to hear that I am not so scary. In November, as I plow into the pumpkin pie without a fork and with a big dollop of Cool Whip, I would appreciate the words: "What makes you think that you are fat? You're perfect." Lastly, in December, I don't need a gift (OK, I really do), but what I really want is for family and friends to come together and share good times. Nothing expensive....just togetherness and memories....

And so, if my philosophical musings make me a Valentine's Day Grinch, then so be it. Keep the hearts, expensive cards, and roses for the day...give them to me next week or month or in July when I am not expecting anything.....That's the BP mom way of thinking....'Cause, when you think about it...every day is Valentine's Day....

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