Saturday, February 25, 2012

Indifference can make a difference

Good morning! A blustery day in the northeast and I cannot shake the notion that it will eventually snow in May. The bulbs are peeking through the soft ground and are preparing to bloom. I love spring and do not want to lose it for a mild winter.

I would like to thank dad (not!) for purchasing a case of Girl Scout thin mint cookies. Since I was a kid, the mints were my crack. I could eat an entire box in minutes and regret it for the next several weeks as I try to fight off the calories. It's nice that he supports the troops, but please, oh NOT bring them home.

Where are we on the surgical consult? Oh yeah....waiting to hear from the doberman....well, she called and tried to schedule the kid for April. Nice time of the year, flowers, trees, and hay problem....his surgery is currently scheduled for March 19. So, abruptly, I said 'thanks, but no thanks' and started to thank her for her time, when she asked me to wait for a few more minutes. As she took me off hold, she asked if Buddy could come to the office on Wednesday at noon. "Sure! See you then...." And so, it seems that my indifference was the difference between a February or April appointment. Aye carumba.....

That's where we stand. We have the second opinion this week and will make the final decision on Wednesday afternoon. Meanwhile, the team is currently 1-4 and off to a very bad start. Could it be that they miss my boy? Perhaps....then again, may be not. He had great statistics in his freshman year and was a bit of a spark plug with his plucky personality. So maybe they just miss his presence on the field pushing himself and the other guys to work as hard as they can.

It's all so crazy. What do the people do who just trust the first opinion? If this was the case, we would still be using ice and Motrin. But it is not the case, and the kid will undergo the knife for the first time ever in s few weeks. How will he react to anesthesia and pain? It's going to be very interesting....

Got to go! have a great weekend!

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