Monday, February 6, 2012

I am going to Disney World!

Good morning! The Super Bowl is over and I actually watched the whole game. Generally if my team is not in it, I could care less. But last night was different and the game was pretty good. OK, not was a great game. What I do not know yet is "who is going to Disney World?" and will I see him next week?

Why, next week? I'll tell you why...because my idiot, but lovable and sweet son, has still not shared with me where the team is staying in Tampa. It could be one of 2000 hotels, so, I am clueless and might just reside at the Polynesian Hotel in Orlando.

And so it goes....the team continues practices and scrimmages as Buddy works out the rust and kinks from his game. Apparently, his first appearances are fraught with nerves, then he settles down and explodes with the fast ball. BUT if I was the coach and my bullpen pitcher took an inning to settle in, I would be a bit about you? As a result, his other BP friends continue to tell him: "stop being nervous...just throw..." Just throw they really mean, just throw-up then it will be over? Or do they mean, try to visualize, deep breathe, close your mind, and just hurl the ball at the catcher, your bestie room mate? Hmmm...good advice...I could not say it better...but then again..I am the mama.

As far as I am concerned, it takes quite a bit of practice to settle nerves. I get nervous all the time and I am quite a few days older than he is. It takes practice and commitment to practice. He has the skills and talent, he now needs to close off his mind and just be da man....yeah...that's right...da man.

And so, I will continue to sit back (my knee hurts, so I won't be standing much) and support him the best way that I can. If that means staying in the Magic Kingdom while he is in Tampa...I'll do it. I will also be there to listen to him as he complains and grumbles about life, baseball errors, bullpen antics, and Eli Manning.

Have a great day!

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